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You Will Hate This Show

I found this little show while hunting for something to watch with my kids. I promise you won’t like it, and I would never admit that it made me laugh either… 299 more words



By Leigh B.

So fellow geeks, I just finished the first episode of Sense8. I’m intrigued. For me, it is most definitely different. 213 more words


STAR WARS REBELS Review – "The Siege of Lothal" (All Spoilers Edition)

Note: This review contains SPOILERS

A few months ago, I gave you some of my initial impressions on Star Wars Rebels‘ Season Two opener after it premiered at Star Wars Celebration, but now that it’s been released to the public and I don’t have to worry about holding back spoilers (and because I was able to hear more than half the dialogue without a few thousand fans cheering) it’s time to break this episode down and really dig into its rich, nougaty center. 2,139 more words


Happy Little Painters

Bob Ross is infamous for his paintings. His public television show teaching painting skills, The Joy of Painting, is well known to members of my generation. 237 more words


The Colorado Kid is No Haven

After watching several seasons of Haven on Netflix, I was interested to read the source material, Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. The problem is they are not even sort-of the same story… 580 more words


The Nerdling's New Show

Liv and Maddie
is the newest Disney Channel show to make it to Netflix. Does it have the same problems as the rest of the Disney Channel shows? 471 more words


WONDERful 70s Entertainment

Before we get all gaga over the new Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, let’s not forget about “The New Original Wonder Woman… 590 more words