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Not Everything Lasts: Forever

“I can be so, so quiet. Haste ruins the silence. Impatience squanders the hunt.”

Now for the last book in the Shiver trilogy! I mean sort of. 361 more words

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Doug Reviews: Star Trek Beyond (2016)

In 2009, Paramount did a soft reboot of the Star Trek universe with Director J.J. Abrams and a young cast re-creating the roles originated on the original television series. 951 more words


Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

I know nostalgia is a huge factor among the film’s diehard fans, but I am in total disbelief over how beloved Adventures in Babysitting is in certain circles around my age range. 1,031 more words

Brandon Ledet


It’s none too helpful when a film’s characters, and in this case its narrator, in no uncertain terms tell us exactly what we should think about it. 369 more words


'Ghostbusters' good, not great

Film Critic

The original “Ghostbusters” came out in the summer of 1984, during the three months between my junior and senior years in college. 607 more words

Star Trek Beyond Review

In the third installment of producer JJ Abram’s Star Trek reboot, director Justin Lin overcame all odds and gave us another successful Star Trek story, one that both fans of the original series as well as those of the newer films can equally appreciate as science fiction galore. 1,042 more words


That Feel-Good Feeling

There are times when being an author can be one of the loneliest and most soul-searching of occupations (I’m sure fellow authors will get where I’m coming from here), but every so often, something will happen that makes it all worthwhile.  622 more words