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Review: Power Cubed #1

What if you had a piece of technology that created anything you could possibly want, and all you had to do was imagine it? What would you wish for? 200 more words


Review: Bodyline Wigs

Hello, readers,

Today, I’m going to review a pair of Bodyline wigs that I ordered. I got W057 in red (4) and W089 in gold (1), and I decided to try experimenting with colors with some cheap (but good?) wigs. 1,598 more words


A Writer to Delight in - Holly Bourne

I picked up the Manifesto on How To Be Interesting, and then Am I Normal Yet because I wanted to read a few more Usborne YA books and get to know the neighbours. 36 more words


Evacuate The City "Recollection" Worth The Listen?

Evacuate The City is a band you listen to and love within any of the songs first scream and verse. I just want to talk about… 306 more words


Review: Animonda Carny Kangaroo Wet Cat Food

It’s so boring having the same flavours over and over again – there’s only so much chicken or duck a cat can have. Female Human spotted some KANGAROO (!!!!!) cat food on Zoo Plus’s website. 209 more words


Dell UP2414Q vs P2415Q 4K Monitors - Very quick review

In a fit of optimism, and pique over my UP2414Q turning itself off a dozen times a day I bought a Dell P2415Q to either replace and/or supplement my first generation 4K monitor. 453 more words


The Never-setting, Always-rising Sun

In The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein, the never-setting sun has such a significant role that it’s practically a character alongside almost-18-year-old Yasha and 21-year-old Frances. 239 more words