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Our readers are just racing along through the current submissions this period, and we are already finding a lot of material that we want to send to the Editorial Collective for further discussion. 392 more words

Senior Editor

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

*deep breath*

After three years of querying CHERRY, revising CHERRY, querying and revising and querying and revising and querying and. . . you know. . . 706 more words


When good isn't good enough

Last fall I decided to try something new and submitted my latest novel to a new publisher. In this genre, there’s not a lot of difference in terms of contracts, but I wanted to explore other avenues and see what else was out there, and if the experience differed at all. 486 more words


If I may be so humble. . .

I’ve had time to reflect on yesterday’s blog post and feel the need to add a couple of words to it:

My bad.

May I expand on that?

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The Ugly Truth

As I write this, I am about 99% finished with revisions for CHERRY. Which means one of two things: either A) I’m nearly done, or B) I’m never going to finish. 541 more words


OOPS!...I Did It Again*

*Click here, but only if you wanna:

What. A. Mess.

Let’s see, I wrote my last post on January what? Ahh, the eighteenth. And on that fateful day, I wrote (in a blog post aptly titled, ‘The End.’): 558 more words


The End.

Add an ‘oh’ before that, and you will know how I referred to my novel, CHERRY, a novel I thought was finished months ago, but which, to my dismay, was anything but. 415 more words