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Explain the meaning and importance of "Naming Service". (April - 2014)

Explain the meaning and importance of “Naming Service”.

Meaning of Naming Service:
→ A naming service maintains a set of bindings.

→ Bindings relate names to objects. 185 more words

Revised Syllabus

Explain the concept of Event Listener and also explain its types. (April - 2014)

Event Listeners:
→ A Listener is an object that is notified when an event occurs. It has two major requirements.
→ First, it must have been registered with one or more sources to receive notifications about specific types of events. 221 more words

Revised Syllabus

Internet Technology (April – 2013) [Revised Syllabus | Question Paper]

Q.1 Attempt Any Two Question: (10 Marks)
Q.1. (A) Show the unabbreviated colon hex notation for the following IPv6 addresses:
               (i) An address with 64 0s followed by 64 1s. 566 more words

Revised Syllabus