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Learn to Use Feedback in Order to Revise Your Work by Brad Windhauser

Learn to Use Feedback in Order to Revise Your Work by Brad Windhauser

We all want to make our stories as good as they can be. 648 more words


Oh, The Joys and Hardships of Revision!

As every serious writer knows, a good book has to be assiduously and meticulously revised to reach a satisfactory (if not “perfect”) state before publication.  After the initial flush of inspiration, one must go back over the text word by word, line by line, to make sure the writer has effectively said what he or she meant to say. 149 more words


How Much Did Edith Wharton Revise The Custom of the Country?

Tenth and last in a series celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Edith Wharton’s novel The Custom of the Country.

“I have just received duplicate galleys of the last two chapters, & these are still so fresh in my mind that I have revised them & hurried them off to Scribner by this post, with a line to say that they are to be used for the book if not too late.” On August 29, 1913, … 975 more words


Friday Links for Writers 02.22.13

What I’d like to take time to write about is how much I learned, reading a favorite author’s novel this week. But it’s time for… 572 more words


It takes a village to write a book

Yes, yes, we all know the old mantra that writing is a lonely profession. But is reviewing and editing lonely, too? Does it have to be? 414 more words

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Short Story #32 Mailed

I finished a new ~4,000 word story for a pro-paying anthology submission last night and mailed it off today, for Story #32 completed of my 2011 short story challenge. 296 more words

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