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Don't Let It End

I rested well last night; I am not tired this morning. Yesterday was physical exhaustion, complete and total with mental exhaustion thrown in for good measure; but I rested well. 457 more words


The junk word that always sneaks its way into my writing: way

I have a long list of words that I try to get out of my writing when I am revising. They are the junk words that clog up any first draft. 298 more words

On Writing

She's a Beauty

I always find the process other writers use fascinating; I remember back in the day when I used to read books about writing (never, ever read  1,868 more words


Quick Editing Tips to Keep in Mind

Some quick tips to keep in mind when you are editing your work:*

  1. Take a break before you begin. If you just finished writing a masterpiece, take a moment and walk away from the screen.
  2. 648 more words

Tackling a Major Revision, or How I'm Revising for Pitch Wars

In addition to promising to talk about my Pitch Wars mentors’ books (I’ll feature Kristin Smith’s books next week!), I said I’d share my revision process, so here goes. 938 more words


Is There Something I Should Know?

It rained last night; it was kind of a shock as there was no thunder and/or lightning, and the sun was actually shining. I only knew it was raining when I took out the trash; and it was pouring. 378 more words

Books I've Read

Rock the Casbah

So, I finished inputting the line edit of my WIP. It went for 101, 276 words to 72, 545. Gulp. I literally sliced a little more than a quarter of the manuscript out, but that’s fine. 1,351 more words