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The Query's the Thing!

In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the main character of the eponymous title “the play’s the thing” in order to bring to light the truth about his father’s murder.

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Sunday Summary: New Month

It’s the start of a new month. Which means I’ll be going over the last month’s goals and seeing how much progress I made on them. 1,064 more words


i triple-dog-dare ya!

I should know by now any blog post written after midnight runs the risk of being utterly incoherent, but I’m too tired and excited to care. 265 more words


Critiquing the genre you dislike > that sinking feeling.

Yeah, 1984 and Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver.  After I saw the movie A Clockwork Orange with my brother when I was 19, I puked on the sidewalk outside the theater.   255 more words

Ahead to the Past

Last November I did my best to work through my NaNoWriMo novel. By the end of November I was just this side of disgusted with it, put it away, and decided not to take the February pledge to finish it. 264 more words


Preparing to Fail, Being Scared of Success.

Hi guys!

This week I achieved a goal of my own.

Walking three miles on my own.

That might not sound much, but to someone who hasn’t done that length in solitary can be a big thing. 309 more words

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Soooo it’s finally friday! I have half days on fridays but since it’s nearly exams, I’ve decided to stay in College whenever I have frees. … 300 more words