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Interview with Charley Daveler - read her experience with writers' groups

Charley Daveler is an American author and playwright. Her short stories, published in various literary journals, feature sarcastic characters in paranormal, fantasy, and science-fiction settings. Her theatre work is primarily satirical, and has premiered in several venues in the Los Angeles area. 1,130 more words

Things I've learned while writing this book

Published authors and agents often say that no book is a “wasted” book even if it doesn’t get published. Every book teaches you something. Every book makes you a better writer. 799 more words



Catalyst is when the world changes for the protag. Afterwards is the debate, so don’t rush the catalyst

The making-of A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER - The first 250 words

Every book has a story.

Not the story within the pages, but the story outside the pages.

Why did the writer feel compelled to tell the story? 911 more words



When your protag is invaded by a malevolent spirit with the personality of Imelda Marcos who tells her to max out her credit card on Louboutin slingbacks – that’s the catalyst.

yes, she did!

The road goes ever on

My writing schedule is a bit odd nowadays.

I write about 1K on the bus to work every morning, 1K on the bus back, and 1-2K when I return home. 360 more words


Revision, like writing itself, is a multilayered, complicated process. It involves a lot brain-power and thoughts like what could make this even better, and 

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