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Fun with Rejection

Is there really anything fun about rejection? ummm, nope. But if you’re a writer pursuing publication, rejection is going to get as familiar as a dog is with its own butt. 92 more words


A Little Bargain

OK, today is one of those days where I have to make a bargain to write. I tell myself to do at least ten sentences. I used to do five, which is good, but I can do more than the old bargain. 105 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

Make it work! (How PROJECT RUNWAY inspires my writing.)

On a scale of one to ten, my interest in fashion is probably around a two, and yet I’m addicted to PROJECT RUNWAY, a TV reality show competition for fashion designers. 550 more words

Pitch Wars

Sunday Summary: WeWriWa - "Not Home"

Welcome to another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors. I have more from Into the Sun for you, which I finally bit the bullet on and submitted Saturday morning. 534 more words


Submissions and Waiting

The average response time cited on the website tells you that you will know any minute if your precious submission has been accepted. Perhaps you check your email every ten minutes–no, make it five. 162 more words

Writing Tips

Revision Tracks

I’ve been writing my newest novel–an adult thriller set in the world of real estate in downtown Chicago–for about a year now. I finished the first draft six months ago, and then added to it and revised it several times, including paying for a… 425 more words


Plot Bunnies

 I  know it doesn’t look like much, but I’ve sweated over this list for the last week. Literally. While editing Fool Me Once, I came to a point where things felt rushed, there needed to be more time for events to unfold naturally.   143 more words

Fool Me Once