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For Starters

As Julie Andrews once sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.”I’m elbow deep in the rewrites for my novel, and the first chapter is making me think about beginnings. 2,807 more words


Author Confessions Round 6

Day seven of author confessions- What word do you use way too much?

This question makes me laugh because I have many words I use too often–looked, laughed, smiled. 75 more words


5 Reasons to Be Confident in Your Writing 

My mother in law asked me about my book recently and I flushed bright red and fumbled through describing it to her.

Why? Because I struggle with confidence about my work. 612 more words


On New Years Resolutions, and Writing Goals

I’m a sucker for new years resolutions. I usually make too many, and don’t always stick to them as well as I should, but I’ve always liked the fresh new start that comes with a new year. 885 more words


Inspirational Quote of the Week

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

William Somerset Maugham

First of all, I love this guy. How could I not? 179 more words

Children's Literature

Thoughts On My Current Project

Hello everyone! I may not have posted since October, but I’m alive. Things have been hectic, what with settling into a new job and new apartment, getting used to the flow of a new lifestyle, finishing a first draft in three months–and oh boy, do I wanna talk about that draft. 2,458 more words

Educational YouTube channels you really need to know about

Revision is tedious at the best of times – it usually highlights how much you don’t know and whilst pretty coloured pens and post it notes are really exciting for some people, making revision notes and studying in any way shape or form can be so dull if you’re not into it. 431 more words

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