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Editing While you Write: Is it Effective?

We are taught that multitasking is efficient for getting work done quickly so we have less to do later, and as we multitask, we learn more efficient ways of multitasking. 257 more words


Nancy: Oops, I Did It Again

There I was, just whistling down the primrose path, working through the problems in my manuscript that I’d identified during a Revision Sprint class and the subsequent weeks of revision. 635 more words

Nancy Hunter

Wait, What's Your Name Again?

The name game.

Do you have a process for choosing your character’s names? Are there reasons behind the choices? Family? Acquaintances? Bullies from grade school? Coworkers? 368 more words



Being a writer, it feels like I am doing a lot of waiting.

Waiting for inspiration to strike. Trying to find a plot idea that would turn into an interesting story. 388 more words


Hey 2018! How ya doin? It’s been a while.

New year, same old pondering on the place (and relevance) of personal blogs in the web-o-sphere… 300 more words


Writing Tip: When should you be revising/editing your work?

Revise/Edit AFTER Your First Complete Draft

So often I hear this question: “When should I revise my work? Should I be focused on editing the grammar and syntax as I go along? 231 more words


When Opening Chapters Have No Teeth

Between the slush and my own editing I’ve seen a lot of first chapters. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of first chapters. I often notice similar issues over and over again and find myself giving out the same advice in first chapter critiques and edits. 964 more words