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Channeling Muhammad Ali

I must dig deep to find the essence I’ve overlooked, hoping that as I revise I don’t trample the delicate structure already in place.

Gotta float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Fearing Your Work

In all this talk of writing and revising and revising again and hunting for agents and publishers and book deals and all that jazz, there is something we sometimes neglect to discuss: how psychologically daunting writing a novel can be. 554 more words

Critiques, Theories, And Random Thoughts

Can Pupil Conferencing Replace After-The-Event Written Feedback?

Why Pupil Conference?

How can teachers provide meaningful and accountable feedback to their pupils despite the pressures of ‘after-the-event’ written feedback? Research (Fisher, 2010, Jean, Tree, & Clark, 2013) indicates that swathes of ‘after-the-event’ written feedback is neither efficient nor effective. 1,471 more words


Revision. The part of the writing process that is arguably the most divisive. Most people stand on one side or the other, either hating to revise or absolutely loving the process. 455 more words


On Querying, Revision, and Writing

Ever since Beth Phelan’s #DVPit pitching event on Twitter in April, I’ve had a lot of interest for my Firebird retelling (remember that thing I started when I was 20 then took off my blog because I got writer’s block?), and have gotten so much great feedback from a few dozen agents on what worked and what didn’t with that novel.   717 more words


Revision Time

With younger cousins moving up throughout school and beginning their GCSES, I’ve been asked lately about how I revise and make notes so surely other students progressing through school must have the same questions regarding the best revision technique. 505 more words

2 desperados & 1 old mout cider at the pub... and the days that followed...

What is one Cider and 2 Desperados going to do?

On Friday night, whilst I’m at uni revising for my exams I went to the pub for someone’s leaving send off. 1,141 more words

M.E. & My Physical Illnesses