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My Mantra

I have a simple mantra I use at work that helps tip me to a decision: Maybe is no.

It may sound a little harsh, but hear me out. 170 more words


Black sod is what’s tangible, we’ve been trying
for centuries to touch the sky. Use loam
to steal imitations of the sky’s kiss: already

too much to keep craving. 108 more words


Work space aesthetic

I’m the type of person that gets incredibly happy at the prospect of having and buying new stationary. If anything, it motivates me to do more work as I feel like I have to make use of what I’ve just bought. 154 more words



Finding the Path to a Good Story

The stories I yearn to tell have to do with intriguing, sensitive characters, in an alternative history or futuristic setting. 598 more words


Five evolution facts to impress your friends!

In celebration of Darwin Day on 12th February, we have collected the most amazing facts about evolution to share with your children. You can also improve their Science knowledge with our… 209 more words


Where to Find Beta Readers

What is a beta reader? it’s someone who reads your work and tells you what’s working and what needs fixing. If you’re doing the same for this person, then you might refer to them as a “critique partner.” For almost all writers, beta readers are a crucial part of crafting a quality manuscript and improving as a writer in general. 933 more words

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