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How the Truth Your Character Believes Defines Your Theme

The relationship between your protagonist’s truth and the theme of your story is a foundational element of your story. We focus once again on character arcs and theme.



6 Quick Revision Tips

It’s almost summer, but for many of us there’s still a couple of weeks left of school, and it’s that time of year full of exams, finals and end of year tests. 816 more words


On Revision: Paying Attention

While on our little weekend trip up to Mendocino this weekend, I chose to bring my tablet along and read what I have so far of  764 more words

On Writing

Effective Learning Assembly

 David Alcock – 15 September 2017

Do you ever wonder what the secret ingredient of learning is? What is it that successful pupils do that makes them perform so well? 1,034 more words


Are You Lost in Writing Fog?

Panic at 3500 Feet

One bright morning, my husband and I flew in his little Maule MX-7 from our crooked, grass strip to his parent’s house sixty miles away. 676 more words


Sunday Confessional: can't keep my eyes open

Just returned home from lunch and a visit with my mother-in-law who had a birthday yesterday. I sat down at my computer to pick up where I’d left off on my revisions and was hit with a wave of… 16 more words

Domestic Scenes

Revision: Ways to Improve my Writing


Editing a paragraph from my book-in-progress illustrates the kind of work entailed in revision. This is the “line edit” kind of editorial work that I do on an ongoing process with my writing partners and for myself. 587 more words