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Views Of Stroud, Draft 2

Near the Bottom…

In Stroud, there are many places where a person looks up and only see glass, concrete, and signs of life, if the thousands of vehicles flying above were another form of life. 1,066 more words

Daily Thought

Project 1 Review

Our focal point in the first project was developing ethos through reflection. There are two places you can see this critical reflection emerge in an essay and think about, going into the next project, how you can continue to develop it: a  515 more words

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Taking the next step

BiaAtlas book update.

I have decided to start querying agents. I worked on my Synopsis and Query letter and got them to a decent quality. My manuscript is still too high on word count, however I decided to go ahead even though the revision is… 685 more words


#10: Finding Your Story's Voice

Dear Story Nurse,

I’m struggling with voice on this particular project. The protagonist is a Yankee girl in the South during World War II. It’s a young adult historical fantasy and I want the character to sound young and naive, but without alienating the likely older-YA readers who will pick up the book.

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Back with a Bang! Year Two at University

To say day one of the university year was over would be an understatement, for I have a good few hours of preparation work to do for tomorrows lectures. 502 more words


Study Survival Tips: A Guide to A-Levels

Hello folks!
It’s been a while since I last posted but I have had such a busy Summer! I’ve travelled a bit – Thailand and Belgium were major highlights and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. 785 more words

Twitter #Hashtags That Motivate Revision

Twitter did not appeal to me at first (or second or third). So why, you ask, would I write this post? Recently,  I find myself enjoying it more and more. 504 more words