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Deleted Scene

Actually, this is a whole deleted subplot–or part of it. I’d written this for THE VOICE OF PROPHECY,

but had to cut it. The whole return trip to the Valley just didn’t make sense there. 599 more words


Elements of the story: making effective revisions

There is no feeling of accomplishment like that of having completed a novel, or a shorter piece. Once that final sentence is written, there is that happy-dance moment, where we are shouting and the world is singing. 1,158 more words


I'm not slacking off

revising and adding writings to 3 of my past publications. I feel I’ve grown as a writer and as a self editor. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed if someone calls me on spelling, grammar or questions a word choice. 57 more words

Books By Patrick B Vince

Revising a paper for publication

As I read through the essay on my computer screen I found myself getting lost. What point was this person making? Where had the thread of the argument disappeared to? 1,360 more words


The Final Stretch

I have had unexpected time and opportunity to write more this past week than I expected. As a result, I am very close to the end of writing the first draft of… 201 more words


Paleontology of Plotting, Part 2

A confession: I am not very good at drafts.

I never have been — not when it came to essays for school and not when it comes to fiction. 413 more words


Random Act of Blindfolding (edited and revised)

Boy, I need a set of new eyes… Would be great relief to be blindfolded for a while after editing your own, way too familiar text. 6,531 more words