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7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On

We all know what a demon procrastination is. But what about the other things that get in the way of actual writing? I have a list of things that (some, not all) writers have a tendency to waste their time with. 696 more words


7/5/15 Don't Eat The Fruit

The young man came to his feet. He was a lot taller than Henry had thought. His eyes only met the man’s chin.

“Brad, it’s fine. 608 more words


This and That

I’ve finally made progress on the blurb for BEYOND THE PROPHECY.

It isn’t finished, yet. It still needs some tightening, but I’ve finally got something I can work with: 331 more words


7/3/15 Kino and Felicia

And Kino told her all about growing up with his mother and mentor, the money he got from his father, how he went to live with Kino after college, and about the tourists and newscasts (“I think I heard about that, actually,” she interjected here), and Ranger Bernstein. 553 more words


Revision Helper

Yeah, he was a lot of help. :P  Funny how sitting down at the computer makes you a target for all sorts of stuff. Like lap attacks, and pats, snuggles. 65 more words

Random Weirdness

In Transition

Well, that what happens after school gets out for the summer, disrupting my routine. I completely lost track and forgot to blog yesterday. Catching up today. 245 more words


Writing Blog: Day 1 - Printing First Draft

Welcome to the Writing Blog! My day to day adventures in the writing process!

To catch the newbies up, I have been working on my first young adult novel for over two years now. 395 more words