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Weekly Writing Update #2

…I have no words.

This week has been a constant literary frustration. I started off strong enough. I jumped into my revisions on Illusion and wrote a good chunk for  228 more words


On Icebergs, Novel Writing and Journaling

It’s a metaphor that gets used a lot, but I’m going to make an embarrassing confession about its application to novel writing: for the longest time, I didn’t get it. 467 more words


Friday Write-Day: Revisions and Putting Yourself Out There

My read-through progress slowed considerably over the last week or two, and not for any reason I can readily identify. With the past three days off from work in the run-up to wedding weekend, I have been able to make considerable progress, getting through about 220 of 275 pages. 433 more words

Steve D

7 Tips for Making Time to Write

by Kelsie Engen

Is there not enough time in the day to write? Or do you simply not know how to make the time?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to discuss our writing insecurities again. 786 more words


Yecheilyah reblogged this on Pearls Before Swine and commented:

Great tips on making time to write.

Yesterday, even though I was tuned into the blog, I didn't do much of anything outside of revise my novel! I'm excited at how the true story is unfolding (the one you don't usually see under the first draft) and felt really accomplished afterward. I was busy, sure, and there were a million and one things to do but I made time.

The point: The greatest investment you can make with your writing is not money, it is time.

What I'd Miss: Reflections on Editing

This weekend, I dove into my edits on The Girl with the Red Balloon. I made a to-do list based off my editor’s comments (it ended up being around 45 items long with more to come!). 429 more words

ATUAWT Deleted Scenes: The Poll

If you saw me at any of my recent events, you may have heard me admit that the first draft of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things… 247 more words