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Books on My Shelves - Don’t Trust Your Spell Check

According to the back cover of Don’t Trust Your Spell Check, “Everybody makes mistakes”. Unfortunately, its author, Dean Evans, is no exception. In a book that promises “pro proofreading tactics and tests to eliminate embarrassing writing errors”, nothing could me more disappointing than finding some of the latter in the body of the text and the tests. 536 more words


Revisions - Overview

In my revisions for bonus 1, I revised Assignments 2, 4, and 5. In Assignment 2, I received critical feedback that while my story was entertaining, it did not have an accurate grasp on crafting a scene, the purpose of the assignment. 169 more words


Assignment 5 - Revisions

Kwame Anthony Appiah closes his essay Racial Identities by saying, “So here are my positive proposals: live with fractured identities; engage in identity play; find solidarity, yes, but recognize contingency…” (62). 399 more words


Assignment 4 - Revision

Any author can write words on a page, but what is it that gives those words meaning? To allow the reader to follow the plot in their head? 425 more words


Assignment 2 - Revision

Tick, tick, tick…

Time seemed to slow down for me. I was focused only one thing: victory. I saw nothing but my goal ahead of me. 363 more words


Author Case Study [Revision] - Michael Ende Redux [moved to 9w1]

This article is a belated sequel – and revision – of an earlier author case study. Over time ideas have changed or developed with the end result being that I’ve decided I was initially wrong about Michael Ende’s type. 531 more words

Down the research rabbit hole

Where did the day go? Last thing I knew, I was sitting down to figure out some stuff about the fictional community I’m creating. I did learn lots about pea viners and farming trends, and my revision notes are more fleshed out. 10 more words