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Multiple Threads

I’m at the point in my revisions on BEYOND THE PROPHECY

where I have to balance multiple threads of the story. I now have major characters in three different locations doing three different things in support of the main goal. 98 more words


Night Light (revised)

The city sleeps but she cannot. She touches the switch. Watches as the light grows brighter. Touches the switch again and watches the light dim to nothing. 573 more words


Scrolling Down

Originally posted 6/27/2009.

A bird with three wings
has been found in Suffolk. 

Infants are born singing 
in Sao Paulo.  

A ghost, seen by thousands… 170 more words


Going With Your Gut

Today I’d like to talk to you about getting feedback on your writing. This is a must-have in my own process, whether it be feedback from my beta readers, my critique partners, or just some super helpful strangers in awesome online writing communities who help with my query letters (AgentQuery Connect has awesome forums for all kinds of things of this nature). 364 more words

Novel Writing

When They Did Not Break Us

Originally posted 7/29/2013; originally titled “When He Broke Us.”

when they first came 
they called us
both resource and nuisance
land and labor bank
in the way… 167 more words


Sue Harrison's "Writing the Third Dimension", part 27: One More Time - Third Draft

Welcome back! For the rest of this year we invite you to return here, specifically on the fourth Thursday of each month for the newest installment of Sue Harrison’s teaching: Writing The Third Dimension. 498 more words

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