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One-Line Diagrams in Revit

As I work with electrical engineers who are migrating to Revit, a common question that I get is “How do I create one-line diagrams in Revit”.  768 more words


Creating Vertical Blinds as a line Based Family

Step 1

Open a new family template for generic line based family.

Step 2

Create the shape of the Blind with required dimensions

Step 3… 62 more words

Masking Regions in Revit Projects

There are times working within Revit that Masking Regions are needed in order to hide/cover model information within a project file.  There can be various reasons for this, so I won’t discuss the “why” you would do it.  485 more words


Best Practice for using Revit

Best Practice for using Revit

  • Set up levels first
  • Use Grids!
  • Walls creation with location line in mind.
  • Pin down the grids!  And possibly a few other things…
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Autodesk 2017 Release Information

Many people are now aware that Autodesk has released the 2017 version of its various software packages.  There are many great blog posts about the enhancements in the packages and I really like some of those enhancements.  156 more words


Revit Copy Monitor Item Change Notification

Architects and Engineers that collaborate on projects using Revit will typically link their models together to see the other discipline’s design within their model.  Part of that process often includes one discipline using the Copy/Monitor function within Revit to copy specific model items from the other discipline’s model into their own model.  470 more words