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Object Selection hack / Problemas seleccionando en Revit?

First things first. The pin tool should be used extensively when working in Revit. As an example, levels and Grids are elements you want to keep pinned. 143 more words


Copy Revit Electrical Circuits to Multiple Levels

When working with a multi-story building, it is common to have identical electrical items on multiple floors and the designer desires to have the same circuits for those items replicated on each level.   538 more words


My Favorite Revit 2019 New Features

Most Revit users have heard that Autodesk has released the 2019 versions of its various software packages.  Autodesk has included a lot of nice enhancements with this release and delivered on many of the user wish list items.  340 more words


Blog Update and Pet Peeve

I am sorry that my blog has not been updated for a couple of months.  I just relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma so I have been quite busy between my work and my move. 100 more words


Revit Dimensions

A small tip which you might have forgotten or you are not using….

We can delete any dimension from a full dimension string. :)

We can just press Tab button and select one dimension from this full string and delete. 20 more words


Automatic Updating Electrical Symbol Legend in Revit

Electrical symbol legends are a critical part of electrical design documents and everyone wants to have a Symbols List which automatically updates to show the actual electrical symbols that are placed in a project.  547 more words


Revit Workflow for Beginners

The time when you start a practice project. Try taking a small project so that the understanding of the workflow and elements becomes more clear. 98 more words