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Day 18 - WTF Just Happened Book Ending

Spoiler alert!!! It is a book by Chetan Bhagat. If you’re planning to read any, avoid this post. 199 more words


Year 2015: 3 Books in First 10 Days

The first Sunday of 2015 was a special one for me. My maid decided to take an unannounced leave. Our plan of a sumptuous lunch of fish curry and rice went down the drain. 682 more words


Book: Half Girlfriend

Chetan Bhagat is now the most acclaimed and loved Indian English Author, without doubt. But I was really doubtful when I read first few initial pages of this book, that if he has become predictable or what. 318 more words


Part 2/3: Chetan Bhagat to come up with an autobiography, titled “Half Knowledge”

This is a continuation to Part 1, where I have basically tried to convey that Chetan Bhagat should take some rest from writing books and then, continue taking complete rest from there on. 677 more words

Subtle Satire

Triangular Love Story

 BOOK TYPE: Realistic Fiction

Time to tell about my second book what i read. Its is once again a book from ma favorite  author CHETAN BHAGAT, About the 2 friends(Gopal and Rahul) who are separate by their passion ambition and yet connected by their love for a same girl(Aarthi). 179 more words

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat: His Books that I've Read

      Hey readers of all ages, particularly teens! I am so sorry for staying out of touch this season but I’ve just been preoccupied with schoolwork of varying kinds – projects, assignments, tests, homework, the likes. 468 more words

The debate whether Chetan Bhagat is a gift to the Indian reader or a blight still continues to be a burning one. The author of six best sellers is worshiped by some, whereas, the others think twice before having more than just a glance at the coverpage.

394 more words