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The Western Press

   The press in the western civilization is ruled under the libertarian theory. Living in accordance to the classic liberal theory which most of the west is dominated by, it allows the fourth estate to play a big role in deciding what the media displays. 424 more words


  Yesterday we celebrated African Liberation Day by making it the day we started Mothusi’s locs. His locs mean many things, they are about liberation. It is about resisting White, capitalistic patriarchal domination and upholding a love and self-acceptance of the African identity. 331 more words

A First Look at the 'FetterTeam'

Braddock’s John Fetterman may not have come out on top in the Senate primary last month, but he is not done fighting for progressive causes both in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. 1,199 more words


How To Love | Ra Avis #DCfC

When discussing mental health it is important to understand many points of view, which is why this series has focused on varying individual mental health issues.   1,216 more words



Everyone knows that the world is constantly moving but sometimes you start thinking that it’s moving because of you ;) !! Every thing is about you; every relation revolves around you…and you feel so central, so powerful! 47 more words


Sananda via John Smallman, 22 maj, 2016!

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via John Smallman

22 maj, 2016

Ni är alla underbara varelser av intensivt Ljus!

Nu är det intressanta tider på gång! Det är mycket som sker i de fysiska rikena, vilket aldrig tidigare har skådats. 1,477 more words


You are all beautiful beings of intense Light!

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These are interesting times! Much is happening in the physical realms that is quite unprecedented. The stability of many of your “democratic” governments is no longer assured as dissatisfaction with the whole political process among the citizens of these various countries increases. 1,133 more words