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The Point Is Power

There are plenty of activists on the left; many people are caught up in going to protests and rallies, championing various causes, and offering resistance to those in power. 186 more words


Gym Etiquette 101: What in the hell are you wearing?!

Before really beginning this article, I should point out I am a very modest guy when it comes to the way I dress in public. This trend would also bleed into what I wear to the gym. 695 more words

Mark Hackard: Dostoevsky on Socialism

“Inasmuch as Dostoevsky spiritually matured, within him there developed an ever-growing hatred for that type of socialism which was most widespread from the second half of the nineteenth century up to our time, a hatred namely for revolutionary atheist socialism based upon a materialist worldview morally and religiously unfounded. 28 more words


“Manifesto Ninety-Nine"

“Manifesto Ninety-Nine”

Excerpt From: “Hawkins Bay.” 

We The People. Being of clown minds and retro logic

do hereby declare

Open Season on

The Ones who have destroyed any semblance of life among the 99%

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Defeating Fascism (American Style) (2)

The purpose of Fascist government (AS) is to consolidate wealth, power, and privilege in the hands of a few, to such an extent that their rule cannot be challenged, and they can control and use everyone else for their profit and benefit, or destroy those who are not useful to them. 407 more words


Three of the Midwest’s off-kilter beer offerings
By Kevin Sterne

Given that the Chicago craft beer market is so saturated with pale ales, I’ve been on a mission to find beers that don’t carry the typical “hoppy” and “citrus” descriptors. 423 more words


Prince & the Revolution - Purple Rain (2015 Remaster)

The Purple Rain era was the zenith in Prince’s career in terms of commercial success and recognition which cemented Prince’s purple imagery in the public psyche.   131 more words