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Walkthrough: Jonah Clemence - Ikemen Revolution - Cybird

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Jonah Clemence

The Queen who swore complete loyalty to the King of Hearts. Born into the upper class, he was outrageously domineering, demanding, and needy. 651 more words


Normiism, Onanism, and Politicization

Some men refuse to advocate for Male Sexualist positions simply because they do not want to be “that guy” – meaning, they don’t want to be known to their peers as the typical ‘pedo’ who rails against the AOC and against anti-CP legislation and so on. 1,109 more words


Rescue Mission continues...

Tonight again, I will be dropping five prayer points and for our rescue mission endeavours 🙂

Here they are:

  1. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of your crowd-gathering Word that will virtually empty the whole city into the kingdom this year – Acts 13:44…
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I've Got the School Spirit

When I go to see my therapist, I have to take this little survey that asks me questions about how I’ve been feeling lately. Have I been depressed, lonely, feeling isolated, have the acute sense that anything I do that could be read as a demonstration of a slight flaw is emblematic of everything wrong with me and everyone can see it and knows I’m nothing more than the sum of my mistakes? 859 more words


Pre-Revolt Diary of One Cranky Bitch

Hey guys, this past month I was truly reborn. Slowly but surely my dreams are coming true in the strangest, slowest, confusingest ways possible. So the last day of May I dyed my hair this gorgeous dimensional red and I’m obsessed…with that and my labret lip piercing and I finally felt motivation to write today before the crew comes over and helps me do my greatest comeback shoot. 1,301 more words


Spiritual revolution continues...

Spiritual revolution continues…Tonight, I will be dropping five prayer points. Every followers are to pray these prayers with a minimum of one hour daily either at a stretch or in a split of two to three sessions depending on your schedules. 252 more words