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For the Cause!

A drawing I made of Bernie, stay strong everyone!!!

In solidarity, Jacob Yona


Visual Art

Kaizen supercharged.

Here is how many messages started post the Publicis announcement. ‘Wow some big changes down at Publicis! Hope everything is OK??’ Interesting that people start with concern, lovely as that is, it gets me thinking about change and how it is perceived. 605 more words


Make-up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters || Review

Hey guys,

Omg it’s been awhile!
I was thinking about making a ” hey I’m back blabla ” post but then I thought,
nah I’ll just continue as if it has not been over 4 months. 368 more words


Citizen Four versus Snowden - Who Wins?

It seems like yet another disappointing blow for counter cultural forces, if that’s even a term that applies here, when we learn that a feature film is coming out of Hollywood to fill us in on the “truth” behind the Edward Snowden whistle-blowing episode of recent times. 246 more words


Live Tweet of 4 Little Girls

Once again, I have live tweeted another film. Although this is a documentary by Spike Lee, I do believe it is good to jot down your thoughts while you watch a film. 63 more words

Book Review: Tell the Wind and Fire – Sarah Rees Brennan **

UK Publishing Date: 5 Apr 2016. 368 pages.

Over the last couple of years there has been a resurgence of classic books being rewritten in a modern or futuristic setting. 409 more words

Book Review

عداء المنهزمين                                       The antagonism of quitters

السجناء الذين يظلون في السجن لفترات طويلة يصبحون كثيرًا مثل المواطنين الذين تعودوا على التعامل مع الديكتاتوريات القاسية لسنوات عديدة، فاستقروا في روتين من الخضوع، وبعد العديد من التجارب مع وحشية السلطات، أصبحوا يقدسون السلام والهدوء النسبي الذي يضمنه لهم انقيادهم للسلطة، فينقمون على كل من يسعى للصراع مع السلطات ويحتقرونهم، ونفس الشيء يفعلونه مع أي شخص يشتبهون أنه يحاول الهرب.