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I'm Here To Tell You To Delete Your Facebook

The REVOLUTION Starts Here: Delete Your Facebook.

(No offense, Facebook)

I used to steal coffee mugs from breakfast establishments, but have since grown out of that. 984 more words

October GlossyBox Subscription

So around a week ago I got my GlossyBox October subscription! These last three days I have been using the products that were sent in my daily makeup routine. 186 more words


Revolutions & Counter-revolutions

In his book, The Origin of Speech, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy lists four diseases of speech. Two of those diseases are revolution and counter-revolution.

The disease of speech in revolution is manifest when the revolutionaries, wanting change, are unable to articulate exactly what that change looks like, and so resort to shouting, protests, and violence. 180 more words


Get uncomfortable and break away from the ‘silent treatment’

Over the past few days, a revolution began. Rather continued, with a stronger voice. Yes. It’s about #Metoo. I am so glad that despite the hate, the #Notallmen, and trolls, the noise made by #Metoo was undoubtedly the loudest for all the right reasons. 1,062 more words


Artificial intelligence: Menace, hype, or revolution?

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Everyone has something to say about AI these days. “They’re going to take away all our jobs!” panicked voices cry out stridently. “One day, they’re also going to become smarter than people and kill us all!” 1,283 more words


Hurricane Maria Proves Puerto Rico Needs Socialist Revolution


No electricity, no running water, mounting trash and spreading disease.

Imagine being forced to live under these circumstances weeks after being struck by one of the world’s deadliest hurricanes. 690 more words


Calling It Now: Nothing Will Change #WeinsteinGate

In the wake of the atrocious public revelations about Harvey Weinstein, women courageously revealed the extent of the harassment and/or sexual assault they faced on a daily basis. 472 more words

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