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The darkness of crumbled hope

All stayed well for less than 24 hours. And then Donnie Frump had to go and win the election. Poor Gallary Tintin! All those decades of waiting just to have her dream crushed in a few hours. 18 more words

Tiny Tales

The living, brilliant nature of Fidel's concept of Revolution

Cuba, Dec 11 – The concept of Revolution expressed by Fidel before the crowds gathered in the Plaza de la Revolución on May 1, 2000, encapsulates one of the most important legacies his leadership provides for socialist theory and practice, in terms of both the richness of its content and its historic significance. 912 more words


Motorcycle Diaries by Che

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”

Dear beloved,

I met a couple who were miners. They were thrown away from their property and their children were forced away from them. 1,235 more words



To see America in this place makes me weep

When the only hope we have to spread our message

Maybe to take up our arms and march through the street… 114 more words


American Revolution School Project

Strengths and weaknesses of the Continental and British armies


Friends, don't let friends spread bullshit

See, now this is the kind of red meat that you feed to the folks in your personal echo chamber. It balances on a grain of truth, and is designed to invoke incredulity, and rage by invoking some of what you already know (Trump plays more golf than any President in memory, and Congress is cutting funding to lots of important areas right now). 168 more words

Middle Way