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Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the ignorance in the world, the hate, the misunderstanding, the pure disregard for our fellow people. I want change so I try and be the change but sometimes I get stuck in a rut and I wish that I could shake people until they fully comprehend how dumb their opinions are. 300 more words

Watch: Eduardo Galeano in Conversation with Arundhati Roy

In 2006, two of the world’s most celebrated writers, Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy, shared the stage of Town Hall in New York City for a historic evening of readings and dialogue. 103 more words


Star Wars: Now Brought to You By the Evil Empire

I didn’t want to write this blog post today.

I had actually planned to write about it in a few weeks, but then the new stupid Star Wars trailer came out yesterday and got 18 million views within 18 hours, which got me all riled up so now here I am, writing about this today instead of when I intended to, throwing my whole blogging schedule out of wack.  720 more words


Women's March on Versailles. (October 5-6, 1789)

Quick recap of my previous post, I talked about how King Louis XVI terribly failed at being a king and a husband. Quite a sad life, he had. 380 more words


THE CONFEWS - Parody of 'The Trews' by Russell Brand (by Pete G)

Welcome to ‘The Confews’ where you get confusing spews in a digestible dose so you don’t have to waste any time in listening to ‘The Trews’. 169 more words

A triumphant voice: Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015)

Soon after I returned to New York from a quick trip to Doha in mid-April to participate in a conference on the regional repercussions of the Iran nuclear deal, I read the sad news of the passing of Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015), the exquisite Latin American critical mind whose work has had an enduring impact on my generation of postcolonial thinkers. 71 more words


1905 Revolution 

Arguably there were multiple causes of the 1905 revolution:

  1. Bloody Sunday
  2. The Russo-Japanese War
  3. Peasants/land

1. Bloody Sunday: Jan 1905

  • Russian army units open fired on unarmed crowd who were marching on the Tsar’s Winter Palace.
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