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Saturday hippie: Introductions

We were so green, but our innocence also welcomed new openings.

It’s one more element of the Hippie Trails saga.

What were you introduced to that changed your life? 65 more words



WHEN FLESH BECOME ONE WITH FLESH Man is a whole person; with no life to live; in the flesh; this causes him to die; because he has no life to live; he lives from life of his flesh; until death. 56 more words


Renewable Energies can Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050

In 15 years, participation in Electricity Generation from renewable energies will triple the current situation, from the current 21% to 64%. In a new report entitled Energy Revolution pioneer 2015 by… 774 more words

Germany: A renewed pride

Germany is a world leader in many categories, such as finance, manufacturing, and sports (Mia san mia!). However, this has not always been true, as Germany has been through many periods of struggle, occupation, and war. 1,135 more words

International Flags

A Cuba top 10!

A lot of things are said about Cuba. Some are good and some are bad, but having travelled around half of the island (it’s quite big and we only had three weeks) we can’t recommend it enough. 1,275 more words


A lay(wo)man's 'Feminism and Anthropology'

This summary attempts to translate a fascinating and valuable approach to feminism into the language of ordinary people. Henrietta Moore’s book, ‘Feminism and Anthropology’ is one of the go-to readings for those curious to hear a different approach to the advocacy of gender equality. 937 more words