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Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Weird

Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Insane


R.E. Prindle


When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post I had high hopes for the paper believing that he would revolutionize the newspaper. 391 more words

R.E. Prindle

The Coming Backlash against Identity Politics

One of the largest problems plaguing first worldism is the inability (or refusal) to acknowledge problems that persist. One of them is the phenomena of gender identity politics. 1,159 more words

What myths are worth trying?

The myths that the human race are controlled by can not be changed by you or I stopping believing in them. These myths live in a collective mind. 149 more words


A New America arises, perhaps with Trump as its first leader

Summary: Updates on two predictions I’ve made, each a window into the New America now arising on the ruins of the old. What horrific attacks has China made on America with the information hacked from the government’s files? 1,189 more words


Pizza, Not Crust

One day the dogs of the world will rise up in revolution. Nose printed banners will drape our cities:

We Want the Pizza, Not the Crust!

Clouds – Nimbus, 9, or Cuckoo?

I am distrustful of bandwagons, and rarely board them as they rattle noisily by. It’s not that I’m against enthusiasm, or novelty, it’s just that bandwagons are often driven with irrational exuberance, and very often they crash. 963 more words

Why our society kinda sucks

As I was leaving work the other day, I noticed a female walking along the long highway into town. My first reaction was to stop and see if she needed a ride into town. 346 more words