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Remembering Bhagat Singh and The Infinite Circle of Blood, Lahore

There is one story about Lahore that is close to my heart and that is the story of Bhagat Singh, that great freedom fighter of Lahore and of this subcontinent, no amount of sectarian hatred can erase the memory of a man who walked tall in the streets of Lahore, and who was hanged in central jail Lahore. 992 more words

Poetry with a Purpose

“Why’m I pushing myself to churn out a poem everyday?” I asked the nothingness around me. My efforts were leaving me disgruntled. I was worried about the number of likes, views, followers and effectiveness of the content in my poems or reflections. 467 more words

Poetry/ Reflections

Bhagat Singh -The Most Celebrated National Hero, Yet, Unknown

A boy, who was about to be executed, when asked “what is your last wish”, replied astoundingly and unpredictably, “I am reading about Lenin, I want to finish my reading.” A 23 years old boy, who knew that he was going to die in a couple of hours, still, was trying to gather some knowledge which he can spread to others. 1,146 more words

Philip Dru: Administrator

Writing Assignment: Write 500 words on this topic: “Is this novel a defense of liberty?”

Edward M. House, the author of Philip Dru: Administrator, was a progressive, he believed in the intervention of the federal government in the economy. 599 more words


Quite a Quote

By remaining cool and reasonable Bolívar retained his panoply of power. At the same time he reminded Santander of his place in the hierarchy of the revolution: ‘It is an honour that two of my friends and assistants have emerged as two prodigies…. 50 more words


Fortune Favours The Brave

After trying out a few of the palettes from Makeup Revolution I have definitely found my favourite one yet. The palettes that they do seem to get better and better. 163 more words


Welcome, Dear Reader to my new WEEKLY flash fiction web series, MARCH OF THE TECHNOCRATS. I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a long time now but it was not until recently that I was exposed to the concept of flash fiction.

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