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Truth Will Free We All, Including Our Leaders

Freeing ourselves from psychological slavery is a daily task. Firstly we have to know how we are victims of this slavery, secondly we have to see ourselves as the primary agents of our own emancipation. 504 more words

Science Of Revolution

Capitalocene and Revolution

Two things are clear.  We are facing rapidly accelerating deterioration of environmental conditions, and current approaches to making changes on the scale necessary to prevent these things from spiraling out of control are stunningly ineffective. 344 more words

Makeup Revolution - Review

Hey, lovelies.

I absolutely love Revolution Makeup, it’s cheap and the quality couldn’t be better. I have been trying to find ‘high-end’ makeup but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. 500 more words


What to Fight For

a man

no a boy

no a girl

walks into a grocery store

and asks for a gun

the cashier asks why and

is thinking how he can make… 129 more words



At the heart of understanding the severity of the blockchain paradigm shift lies the basic understanding of the concept of “decentralized consensus,” a key tenet of the cryptography-based computing revolution. 508 more words


Empowerment Psychology and the Affirmations of The People of the New Earth

I like empowering psychology that puts the individual, the person, you, us, at the center and power position of our health. Let no doctor tell me I need him to be healthy. 799 more words

A Vindication for the Rights of Woman

I think that Wollstonecraft is revolutionary in this piece not only by creating a convincing argument but doing so in a way that is less than formal and even a little funny at times. 262 more words