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Notes on the demise of the Kasama Project

I had been suspecting for some time now that the Kasama Project was finished but finally got confirmation of that yesterday from a FB friend named Ben Stevens who I had contact with as Ben Seattle during the early days of Marxmail. 1,888 more words

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The “We Can” Moment in Vijayawada, South India

A guest post by Vijaya Kumar Marla


 Kanhaiya Kumar, President of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union. 

Usually any charged atmosphere with a large number of people can metamorphose in to a frenzy and mob violence. 1,926 more words

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I was wrong on the Cochranites in 1971--dead wrong

In my article on “Why does the left suck so badly”, I referred to the Cochranites—a group organized as the Socialist Union that published a magazine from 1954 to 1959 called the American Socialist. 1,714 more words

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Why does 'the left' suck so badly?

This week a person I have had some contact with as a result of my participation in Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism website posed this question to me: “Why does ‘the left’ suck so badly?” 2,709 more words

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