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Demythologizing Old Bolshevism

Stalin, Kamenev and Zinoviev: best taken with a grain of salt

Something has been nagging away at me for the longest time about Lars Lih’s attempt to establish a kind of bloodline for the Bolshevik Party, with Marx begetting Kautsky and Kautsky begetting Lenin like patriarchs in the Old Testament. 3,441 more words

Revolutionary Organizing

Assessing an assessment of the defunct Kasama Project

The article below by “chegitz guevara” is being posted in full since it appeared originally on FB, a medium some people understandably might choose to abjure. 4,363 more words

Revolutionary Organizing

Notes on the demise of the Kasama Project

I had been suspecting for some time now that the Kasama Project was finished but finally got confirmation of that yesterday from a FB friend named Ben Stevens who I had contact with as Ben Seattle during the early days of Marxmail. 1,888 more words

Revolutionary Organizing