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The Museum of the American Revolution and other essential Philadelphia-area Revolutionary War historic sites

As a kid, it took me some time to realise that everyone in America didn’t grow up within minutes of important historical locations. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, so I would always say I was from “outside Philly” but whenever I need to give more specificity to people familiar with the area but who didn’t know my small town, I described it as “near Washington Crossing… as in Washington crossing the Delaware.” In addition to being just a few minutes’ drive from this historic location, the towns around mine are full of houses and buildings that date back to the colonial era, I used to work at a school that was owned by a doctor during the Revolutionary War (and is allegedly haunted by a Hessian soldier he operated on there), and, of course, the city of Philadelphia is only 40 minutes away. 853 more words


Taming of Democracy

An excerpt from Sam’s Branch Essays, a book I am working on.

A book by Terry Bouton beckoned me to take a look inside– below the title… 237 more words

The summer of a lifetime. 🌞

Well. The last blog post I made started a little something like “Hey it’s been a while!” Unfortunately, thats how this one is about to start as well. 454 more words


Books!: Washington's Spies

I finally cleared out my reading queue and refilled with Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring. What most likely prompted this was the opportunity to meet the author, Alexander Rose, except I hadn’t read his book at the time of the opportunity, so I avoided him in shame. 1,098 more words

U.S. Coast Guard Flag

August 4, 1790 – The Revenue Cutter service, the parent service of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, is organized.



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Shaving The Yak

Surviving Gracefully

The two men sat huddled in the old house.  Outside the wind howled and the trees groaned as their branches were forced back and forth in the strongest gusts.  841 more words