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A Little History of the United States

I received a prepublication copy of this book (September 15, 2015) through NetGalley with the understanding that I would publish are review on my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages along with NetGalley, Amazon and Goodreads. 116 more words


Rumours of Bore

My time-travel was cut short this weekend after a trip to eight-nine-teen-something in Salem, as I had a trip to the Central Fly Over* for work instead. 246 more words

Living History

Wedding Anniversaries

Here is a bit of trivia from my genealogy – a shared wedding anniversary 200 years apart.

John Friend my 4x Great Grandfather and Sarah Lee Wallace were married on February 10, 1763. 63 more words


Looking for military records? You are gonna like this!

Want to find your ancestor in military records? Here is an efficient way to identify all military records on FamilySearch, and to narrow your search by collection. 640 more words


Military Facts and Legends Heroines of the Revolutionary War

Since various “Molly Pitcher” tales grew in the telling, some historians regard Molly Pitcher as folklore rather than history, while others suggest it may be a compositeimage inspired by the actions of a number of real women who carried water to men on the battlefield during the war. 1,302 more words

Amazing Military Stories

Hell Hath Come

By Charles Reis

Many people run from something. Maybe they run from their past, or from pain, or from evil itself. There are many reasons, but whatever is giving the chase, it always catches up. 6,319 more words


Sixteen year old girl outrides Paul Revere


How did Paul Revere get all the credit? Sure he was a prominent businessman and all, but what Sybil Ludington did was much more amazing. She was the oldest of twelve children, her father was a colonel in the colonial army. 157 more words

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