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A letter to Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots

Mr. Robert Kraft:

Congratulations on your team’s Super Bowl victory. I know you are proud of the success your team has on a yearly basis. I know you love the National Football League, if not, you would not be in your position. 695 more words


Inheritance (Part III)

Living History

July 4, Colonial Williamsburg, reunion weekend. It’s bright, and it’s seethingly hot, and it’s humid as a wet towel — in other words, it’s summer in Tidewater Virginia — and there’s sweat literally gushing down my back, like someone left the hose on.

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Battle between elites fought by the unrepresented

I’m not used to thinking of the Revolutionary War as a battle between elites. Rather it was a battle for liberty, a battle between us Americans and the British who were taxing us without representation. 207 more words


Historic Book Acquisitions II

Tonight I will share with you more of my Historic Book Acquisitions.

I am always on the lookout for books about historic events or people. 387 more words


The Sons of Liberty at Turtle Bay - Story of Manhattan Audiobook

This is an audio recording of a vintage book titled “The Story of Manhattan”. In this audiobook recording the chapter focuses on the events that took place relating to the Son of Liberty at Turtle Bay. 44 more words


Saturday Reader: Georgia's Unknown, Rich Maritime History

The wind and the waves peeled back layers of Cumberland Island sand last December to reveal a piece of history: the wooden bones of a long-lost cargo ship. 1,431 more words