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Sugestão de leitura: Rework

Não só da prática emerge o conhecimento e a inovação. Por vezes encontramos na literatura (ficção ou não ficção) a faísca de inspiração ou a nova perspetiva que tantas vezes procuramos. 121 more words


Overwatch: How Can We Fix Zenyatta?

Changes Coming To Zenyatta Soon? Hopefully So Says Jeff Kaplan.

I really love Overwatch’s characters. They are all fun, balanced and unique. Every character has this deep hidden lore about them and you just feel the hard work Blizzard put into the characters when you play them. 683 more words


Ryze or Die

Ryze, the Rune Mage (Copyrighted by Riot Games)

League of Legends’ favorite blue mage is getting another rework… thanks Scarizard. 670 more words


Albion Online – The reworked Guild vs. Guild system has been revealed!

Sandbox Interactive has revealed a new video regarding the upcoming Guild vs. Guild (GvG) rework for Albion Online, their sandbox-MMORPG.  309 more words


Ranger as a Martial Class + 3 subclasses [v2]

After gathering and thoroughly processing feedback from different sources, I am very proud to present the new version of my Martial Ranger, with three full subclasses (including a caster path). 501 more words