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3D Printer: Toy or a Tool?

The first question people ask when they hear about a 3D printer is “What will you do with it?”. Now that I have built one… 308 more words


Enhancing the Prusa i3 "Rework"

In the process of building the Prusa i3 “Rework” version I noticed two  shortcomings in its designs.

  1. There was no way to easily adjust the tension on the X-axis belt which caused backlash on the X carriage resulting in skewed circles.
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Upcycling furniture

Three things I love:

  • Old things
  • Free things
  • Getting creative

With these in mind, there is nothing I love more than a free (or so cheap it might as well be free) old piece of furniture that I can rework into something unique, gorgeous and that suits us and our home perfectly. 377 more words


3D Printer: Calibration & The First Prints

Building the Prusa i3 “Rework” was fun. Calibrating it was frustrating! The problem is that you are so excited about getting something printed that you tend to take shortcuts that cause more frustration! 628 more words


Minimizing Rework Effects


Assembly lines with expensive and complex products often try to rework products with defects in order to save assembly work and materials. However, rework itself causes disruptions in a line. 907 more words

Lean Tools

Tattoos Over Scars : Reclaiming Your Body

By JenTheRipper on April 27, 2015 Scars are part of our lives, but when it is too hard to live with them, the solution of tattoos over scars can help people to make up with their physical appearance.

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The Chamanas - "Purple Yellow, Red and Blue" (Portugal, the Man)

In ode to yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo, Portugal, The Man uploaded the revisited Hausteca version of their song ‘Purple Yellow Red and Blue”. The band, led by Portugal, The Man’s good friend Manuel Calderon are The Chamanas, “they are “Musica Fronteriza” from the borderland between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas” and their rework is nothing short of spellbinding.


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