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Assignment 5 rework

It kept on growing. Then I had a conversation with my tutor, and it got smaller, back down to one concept with a supporting cast of thousands. 300 more words


Delegators are Dead Weight

Time taken to complete the task would be almost one tenth of the time spent to delegate the same across quite a handsome number of people. 399 more words


Rework of Nathan Fake's track on Ninja Tune

My parents appear on Ninja Tune .

That’s stellar .

With just tiny help from me as I ve written ,played and recorded the piece – rework of great… 115 more words

Huerco S.

Tips For Creating Useful Ideas

11 Ideas from people who have created great products, businesses, or ideas:

  1. Expertise in a field or product is one of the best assets. Nike’s founders started out by making their prototype shoe designs themselves with a waffle iron.
  2. 176 more words
App Development

Urgot: revived and reworked

Well, after much anticipation, begging, and crossed fingers, Urgot has finally been reworked and released in patch 7.15. You can take a look at his champion spotlight… 746 more words

League Of Legends

The Swim

Immersing myself in the blues
that would usually make me sink
usually make me drown
I dive in, unafraid, brave
leaving depression in locker 8E… 178 more words


Junkrat rework soon?

Junkrat is one of those heroes where you you love the character so you start play him but then realize that he isn’t good enough to keep up in competitive so you start playing some one that is in the meta. 158 more words