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Project: Sentinel Revival: Complete

Fully animated the Sentinel has a new set of moves both to crush trespassers and to dance. For those who preferred the original/classic version but would like to it in the all new DragonBones glory, fear not for it too is included.

RPG Maker MV

Dealing with Depression

Those who are addressing being transgender, often for the first time in their lives, find themselves not only in a strange sea of emotions, but a brew of depression and anxiety. 246 more words


How People Struggle with Our Transition

The Struggle of Loved Ones

No matter what’s going on with an individual with a problem, it isn’t only that person who’s affected. The people near and dear to them are impacted in all sorts of different ways. 865 more words


Starting the process

Starting with this post I’ll be rehashing some of what I’ve posted in the past, both on here and on Quora. I have two reasons for this. 448 more words


Apothek’s Rework Of Kimbra’s “Everybody Knows” Is Visceral & Will Hit You In The Gut

Norwegian duo Apothek adds its own smoky and visceral touch to Kimbra’s “Everybody Knows.” Their approach is deceptively minimalistic – by keeping the melody levelheaded, any intricate detail or small twist in the synths raises your goosebumps. 157 more words


Skila3 — starting again…

Well, the first Skila attempt is dead and maybe luckily so. The compiler was way too slow (it needed for entire testsuite around 40 minutes) and I tried to fix it, then to start from scratch but I stopped the work — the design of the language itself was doomed to fail from the beginning. 317 more words

Skila Workbench

Diagnosis of IATF 16949:2016 clause – Control of repaired products

Clause – Control of repaired products

The organization shall utilize risk analysis (such as FMEA) methodology to assess risk in the repair process prior to a decision to repair the product. 654 more words