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Too many scarfs, and not enough kimonos?

Scarves are such a versatile accessory to have in your wardrobe, from being a light cover up for when it gets chilly to being a statement piece of an outfit, there is no doubt that they are an essential piece that we all can’t do without! 351 more words


London: Deep Learning in Healthcare

At RE•WORK Summits, speakers are invited to present advances from the world’s leading innovators, showcase the opportunities in emerging industry trends, and discuss the impact on business and society, all centered around the theme of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. 5,131 more words


Put Your Stamp On A Candle Holder

Used a jar of pasta sauce or got to the bottom of the Nutella? Turn your leftover jar into a candle holder or just a useful bit of storage. 429 more words


Fix your headband hang-ups

Ever try to wear a scarf as a headband? But always find that it just won’t stay put? Find out how you can use an old wire hanger to make a headband that will actually stay where you want it to… 350 more words


Are you a cereal organiser?

Obsessed with keeping your stuff organised or just can’t help your workspace overflowing with books, magazines and coursework? We have a fun, resourceful and super-cheap solution for you… 480 more words


On Thematic Unity and Galio's Rework

Understandably, a lot of people are upset about Galio's change in terms of (if nothing else) color design and model design. What we have to make note of, however, is that thematic unity is something Riot has been trying to achieve for a while now with reworks and model updates. 428 more words