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Salem Witch Trials

The first video is about a new discovery in this hard historical period of the United States. I am so glad that it is not being swept under the rug or history rewritten as the history of the Confederacy and the Civil War is being changed.   228 more words

R5: Force of Nature

Force of Nature by C. J. Box

This is book 12 in the stories of Joe Pickett. It features his lethal friend Nate Romanowski. This story is totally engaging. 139 more words

Book Review

It's history - leave it there

I have trouble with the rewriting of history.  On the TV3 news tonight it speaks of quashing the convictions of the past in regard to  being gay when it was illegal.   385 more words

Social Commentary

Bye, bye Confederates

I suppose it was inevitable. Especially in a largely liberal town like Austin. Rewriting history certainly isn’t uncommon elsewhere.

So it’s soon goodbye to Lee, Lanier, Johnston, Reagan and, possibly, Travis. 154 more words


History In The Hands Of The Ignorant

I saw a news item some years ago. Supposedly a Hollywood star came out saying she hates the US holiday of Thanksgiving (the Los Angeles Times… 616 more words



I’m a product of the “Yankee public indoctrination system” from the 1960’s. While in grade school, I remember being taught that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were two of our greatest presidents: 930 more words


McGrawHill Textbooks refer to African slaves as 'workers'

Absolutely disgusting and their ‘response’ is almost as embarrassing as the sordid act itself. Referring to African slaves as ‘workers’ and referencing slavery in your ‘apology’ as ‘forced migration’ and ‘unpaid labor’ does not speak to the rape, castration, flogging, lynching, abduction, mutilation, degradation, destruction of heritage, communities, families and an entire diaspora still reeling from the modern day effects of slavery which led to jim crow which led to the new Jim Crow. 87 more words

The Black Community