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The New Right-Wing Lie: Rewriting History

In the wake of the racist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia last week, many places in the South are considering removing statues honoring confederate leaders. As a result the right wing is crying foul. 228 more words


History is always just a story

History is nothing but a story, a current story giving current judgments about past events shrouded by diminishing knowledge about the events themselves and of the motivations and causes of past behaviour. 426 more words


Is there a need to rewrite Indian history? - Anil Athale

History is not merely a chronicle of past events; it forms the psyche of a nation. …┬áIf in the 70th year of Independence we are stirring to break the mindset of being the Gunga Din of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, it is something to applaud. 1,208 more words


Education as Propaganda

The deplorable state of our education system must be changed if we are to turn around the decay in both intelligence and moral values in our country. 713 more words

Current Events

Earliest Human Habitation of Australia Finally Dated Conclusively to 65,000 Years Ago

The oldest axe in the world has been found in Australia, and it is 65,000 years old. This pushes back the previously considered window of earliest Australian human population by thousands of years. 212 more words