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Viral 'Mexican 4th of July' video turns the tables on cultural appropriation

A hilarious new video asks, “What if Mexicans celebrated the 4th of July the way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?”

The skit takes a lighthearted but poignant look at the way Americans appropriate Mexican culture under the guise of celebration, while rewriting history in the process. 85 more words


Ignoring facts doesn't make them false just forgotten

I am reluctant to write about this topic because the subject of the Confederate flag along with some other recent events have generated more anger and rudeness online than I have ever seen. 968 more words


This has been a really bad week for America as several more nails were driven into her coffin. And these were very large nails indeed… 922 more words

New World Order

Rampant historical illiteracy

After 30+ years of observing and taking part in debates about history with many of my fellow atheists I can safely claim that most atheists are historically illiterate. 116 more words


Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns Rada bills against USSR and recognition of Nazi collaborators as "freedom fighters"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on April 12 released a statement condemning the pro-Nazi bills passed by the Rada on Apr. 9, which equate nazism and communism and extend social benefits to the Banderistas of the OUN-UPA. 236 more words

Some notes about FEMA's rewriting of case history in a letter to Senator Gillibrand (December 2013)

About two months after FEMA – without any authorization or basis – stopped providing my disabled Mom with any access to temporary housing assistance, a surprising letter was sent by the Federal Coordinating Officer for Hurricane Sandy to Congress via Senator Gillibrand. 629 more words