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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)

Try as I might I just can’t get into silent films. I find them overly theatrical and obvious. I get the different style of story-telling and the differences in pace when compared to modern film but I think my biggest problem is attention span. 728 more words

Silent Cinema blogathon: The Magician (dir. Rex Ingram, 1926)

Director Rex Ingram’s legacy has been overtaken by a single image: Rudolph Valentino dancing the tango. While he is most famous for The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse… 1,059 more words

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Edgar Selwyn, co-founder of Goldwyn Pictures (1875-1944)

Margaret Dumont, actress (1882-1965)
Bela Lugosi, actor (1882-1956)
Charley Chase, comedian, actor, screenwriter & director (1893-1940)
Olive Thomas, actress & model (1894-1920) 48 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

13 Aug 1924 - The Story of Alice Terry

The story of Alice Terry has the same fairy tale quality as Valentino’s own. Like him, who had worked hard as an extra for many years and the hard work had resulted in little recognition. 581 more words

Scaramouche (1923) - reviewed by George

I don’t know what Rafael Sabatini’s novel “Scaramouche” is about, but Rex Ingram’s movie of the same name is about the French Revolution. As the story begins the Marquis de la Tour has ordered poachers on his extensive lands killed, and a man from the starving village just outside the huge estate has been shot and his body is being delivered to his wife and child by the Marquis and his attendants. 409 more words