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Join Our Club*

Humans are social by our very nature. Of course, some of us are much more socially inclined than others, and some of us aren’t really ‘joiners’ at all. 874 more words

Agatha Christie

Writing Tip -- Show, Don't Tell

If you’ve been writing for more than a week, I’m sure you’ve heard or read the advice “show, don’t tell”. I’d heard it so much, it had lost almost any meaning. 587 more words

Writing Tips

'Nero Wolfe: Champagne for One' Book Review

Mount Readmore Book Review, 2018 24/200


Champagne for One By Rex Stout

Audiobook Edition

Finished on 1/10/2018


Description: Faith Usher talked about taking her own life and even kept cyanide in her purse. 305 more words


Panties, Crocodiles, and Otorhinolaryngology

Long ago when I ran the public library in Corsicana, Texas, I investigated starting a company to manufacture women’s days of the week underwear. Long before then, when my wife and I were courting, I’d presented with a set but when none could be located while in Corsicana, I explored starting a company named the Corsicana Panty King, with labels featuring a leering, well-fed monarch with a small crown perched jauntily on his gleaming noggin, to export them from China. 590 more words

What a Cast of Characters*

For the reader, one of the advantages of standalone novels is that each one is a different experience. And that means it’s less likely that a reader will get tired of a given author’s work. 1,105 more words