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The Name's Wolfe, Nero Wolfe: Rex Stout's Influence on Ian Fleming

Article by Jeff Quest

Wolfe, Nero Wolfe.

Although now largely forgotten, 40 years ago there was no bigger detective than Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe. Wolfe, who first appeared in 1932 had an unprecedented run with a nearly yearly appearance on bookstore shelves until Stout died in 1975. 678 more words

Between The Covers

The Shocking Truth About Sleuths! ;-)

We’ve all seen them. Maybe you even glance at the stories as a guilty pleasure. Yes, I’m talking about tabloids. They may not get the story right, but they can be fun. 1,123 more words

Agatha Christie

Glen Ebisch - Secret Library

We’re joined today by Glen Ebisch, man of mystery and philosophy. The mystery comes from his twenty or so novels, first for young adults then for adults. 586 more words


[Reel Infatuation Blogathon] The Irrepressible Archie Goodwin

Nero Wolfe’s New York is my favorite literary city. Like all compelling and believable novelistic depictions of real places, it exists somewhere between fiction and fact, reportage and make-believe. 1,403 more words


Plastic Tubes and Pots and Pans*

People invent all sorts of ingenious devices. Some of them become hits, and their inventors do quite well. Others don’t. Either way, it’s really interesting to think about that aspect of human curiosity and innovation. 968 more words

Agatha Christie

It's Not Supposed to Be This Hard*

Have you ever noticed that there are some myths out there about life? Bear with me and I’ll explain. All of the advertisements and popular-culture outlets present life in certain ways that just aren’t realistic. 1,202 more words