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At the Watering Holes of the Rich and Famous*

Agatha Christie’s Taken at the Flood (AKA There is a Tide…) begins at the Coronation Club during a World War II air raid. Major Porter is reading a newspaper item which he discusses with Hercule Poirot. 1,018 more words

Agatha Christie

Fleming vs. Stout

This post is off-topic and, in a first for this blog, will not offer a comparison between the literary 007 and the corresponding film adaptation. Who knows? 444 more words

Ian Fleming

Way Back Wednesday: Archie Meets Nero Wolfe By Robert Goldsborough

Everyone seems to be doing “special” days – so I thought I would do a “Way Back Wednesday” – books I enjoyed as a youngster and still enjoy today. 180 more words


You Had to Have the Last Word Last Night*

There’s a great deal of sadness in a lot of crime novels, even those that don’t count as ‘bleak’ or noir. And that makes sense, since there’s nothing amusing about murder. 1,582 more words

Agatha Christie

Books and movies - February 2015


  • Miss Pym Disposes – Josephine Tey: I was expecting a murder mystery, but this is a psychological musing, a novel of when-will-someone-murder rather than a murder investigation.
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As They Would Mingle With the Good People We Meet*

In today’s world of social media and electronic communication, we can be in contact instantly with people all over the world. I think most of us would agree that that can be a very good thing. 1,051 more words

Agatha Christie

I Want You Just the Way You Are*

One of the things about real-life humans is that we all have our vulnerabilities. I don’t personally know anyone who has no physical limitations, even among people who are young and in good health. 1,123 more words

Agatha Christie