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Week 5: Composition- Perspective of 12

This project required us to take 12 unique pictures of one singular object, and compile them into a collage. I chose to take pictures of my husband’s car, which we named Walter. 271 more words


BYU-Idaho Students: Favorite Restaurants

We asked some students attending BYU-Idaho(also called Rick’s College) what there favorite fast food spot was. We got some surprising answers!

Disclaimer: The man doing the stand up is one of my partners on the project, and not me.



I have finally taken the time to make my resume! I have made several drafts and I think this one, so far, is the best. Enjoy! 8 more words

Depth of Field

I have always loved playing with the depth of field in an image. The depth of field is what makes an image interesting to me. It is the best way for me as the photographer to tell my audience what to focus on. 127 more words


Depth: Deep and Shadow

I took this project to practice a style of photography which really interest me known as street photography. The idea is to capture the human culture. 326 more words

COMM 300

Coppers agree with paranoid stoners who made 911 call -- they are dumbasses!

Two self-proclaimed “dumbasses” driving high in Idaho with 20 pounds of marijuana called the police on themselves after they got “spooked” about cops following them.

413 more words

Watch: Dealing with Depression on the Field

Bryanna Miller is a senior at Brigham Young University and she is battling with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  She spent her sixth semester struggling to balance coaching women’s lacrosse, homework, friends, and trying new medications. 82 more words