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Church VS State

By Makenzie Fuller, Sommer Waldron. and Brooklyn Niederer

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The separation of Church and State becomes hazy as college football begins. Brigham Young University, also called BYU is a Latter Day Saint College, and Boise State University, also called BSU, is an Idahoan college. 352 more words


V-Wing Starfighter Part 1

I love building along a specific theme, and the more specific the better. My theme is Star Wars. It’s the coolest brand that Lego has (in fact, it’s their best-selling brand). 144 more words

101 on State: Here's what you need to know about boys State Football

by: Kalli Thueson, Rebecca Neal, and Olivia Marshall

In the East Conference we play only five teams instead of six, already giving us the advantage in getting to state. 288 more words


Who exactly is "the Hot Dog Kid"?

A Twitter and Snapchat sensation is swallowing hot dogs whole in the MHS lunchroom. Junior, Kaylie Kirk, posted a video on Twitter September 23 of Junior, Mordeci Carr, swallowing a hot dog whole. 92 more words


Aló vwe are füd critíque

We are Claudia and Gabe, a cute little couple (aw) and we are typing this. Well, not at the same time. It’s actually just me (Gabe) and she doesn’t know I’m doing this right now. 337 more words


Sandy Horizons in Rexburg

If you didn’t know about the sand dunes before you moved to Rexburg, chances are you’ve heard about them within your first week here. The St. 291 more words

Fall in love with Fall

by Alexis Navarette and Monica Franco

Fall is here and you know what that means! Fall activities are underway and Halloween is right around the corner. 145 more words

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