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Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie
Digital Art Illustration

Art work by:
Robyn Huffaker, from Rexburg, Idaho, USA.
Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/38433235/Tough-Cookie


Assesing student's needs

This week in my special education class we discussed the importance of evaluation, and placement of children with special needs. I never understood how important it is to truly test a child in every category possible to get the proper diagnosis. 116 more words



I absloultey adore my life but work and school can get so repetitive. I crave constant change in my life. Making music videos is the perfect outlet for me to get away from responsibilities and have fun. 46 more words

Distinguished Young Women 2018 Recap

by Genna Waldron and Konner Jackson

Each junior girl at MHS has the opportunity to participate in the scholarship program, Distinguished Young Women. The program was held on February 4, 2017 and 25 of MHS’s Junior girls participated. 521 more words



Today is Saturday and it’s the kind of Saturday that everyone is supposed to have. I did no homework. None. I will regret this hugely tomorrow, right now though? 606 more words

Is Valentines for Guys, too?

By: Gabi Carter & Kim Stager

Pink and red are colors associated with Valentine’s Day, along with roses and candy as gifts to give. Some guys are content single, but they might want someone for Valentine’s. 300 more words


Discovering the Ag Building at MHS

by: Madison Burrell and Emily Stumpf

Many students have seen the mysterious Ag building behind MHS, but few realize what’s hidden within those walls. The building may seem large and empty, but it serves a purpose. 221 more words