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Reykjavic Day 1

So here’s the thing I learned on my last day in Iceland. The colours on the Icelandic flag represent the majestic and beautiful nature of the island, something they have been proud of since way back in the day ( 49 more words


#14 Passion - Photo Days Project

A Lioness is passionate about protecting and raising her cubs, she is passionate about hunting, she is passionate when she roars.  Why does art stand out? 62 more words


#6 Strength - Photo Days Project

Strength has numerous meanings but this particular photo reminds me of how hard it was to cope with the cold temperature. We walked for miles after miles in the freezing cold weather! 81 more words


Don't step too close to the edge.

“It’s a little chilly isn’t it”. Standing on top of a mountain overlooking what i can only describe as water heaven, we were head to toe in thermals and waterproof gear. 417 more words


Panama Papers: RESIGN! Thousands gather in Reykjavic to call for Icelandic Prime Minister's resignation

Thousands gathered in the centre of Reykjavic to call for the Prime Minister’s resignation after the leaked Panama Papers revealing his controversial tax arrangements sparked fury in Iceland. 808 more words

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