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What is drag force? (Part 1)

You’ve probably seen the standard parabolic trajectory stuff in high school and your freshman year of college, and you’ve probably been told sooner or later that that isn’t the whole picture. 807 more words

Fluid Mechanics

One for the Chemical Engineers

Let us take a moment to fully appreciate this straw, which I just use to consume a hot Thai beverage.

This straw has been altered from the conventional cylindrical tubular straw by compressing it lengthways down its entire length, significantly reducing the flow cross sectional area whilst maintaining a comparable wetted perimeter. 154 more words

South-East Asia

V is for viscosity

Yep. This letter is another one of those letters I really have to stretch for in order to find a word even close to relevant to water, and therefore paddling. 108 more words

Theme: Aerodynamics - 2010 Kia Ray

Not all aerodynamic cars have to draw on the same set of forms. The 2010 Kia Ray (or PHEW Ray) manages to look slippery without resembling a blend of Tatra and Citroen shapes. 337 more words

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The Reynolds number

The Reynolds number is largely defined as “the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces” in a moving fluid. But, in plain english, this actually explains very little. 364 more words


Engineering Riddle - No. 5 (Fluid Mechanics) "Dimensionless"

I’m a fraction made of forces, comparing different strength
I have no final units, only characteristic length
I sample speed and weight and size, these are the things I measure… 56 more words

Mixing Fluids in low Reynolds number

In the post on Laminar flow we see that it is hard to mix fluids when the Reynolds number of the flow is low. This is the kind of situation we are in when we want to mix small quantities of two fluids together say. 68 more words