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V is for viscosity

Yep. This letter is another one of those letters I really have to stretch for in order to find a word even close to relevant to water, and therefore paddling. 108 more words

Theme: Aerodynamics - 2010 Kia Ray

Not all aerodynamic cars have to draw on the same set of forms. The 2010 Kia Ray (or PHEW Ray) manages to look slippery without resembling a blend of Tatra and Citroen shapes. 337 more words

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The Reynolds number

The Reynolds number is largely defined as “the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces” in a moving fluid. But, in plain english, this actually explains very little. 364 more words


Engineering Riddle - No. 5 (Fluid Mechanics) "Dimensionless"

I’m a fraction made of forces, comparing different strength
I have no final units, only characteristic length
I sample speed and weight and size, these are the things I measure… 56 more words

Similarity requirements of a hydrodynamic model

Why downscaling only works down to a certain limit

When talking about oceanographic tank experiments that are designed to show features of the real ocean, many people hope for tiny model oceans in a tank, analogous to the landscapes in model train sets. 793 more words