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I Do Support...

Often, when you’re passionate, critical, or radical (especially as a woman), you are met with, “You aren’t providing solutions!”

  1. I am not responsible for creating solutions as an individual.
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Indian pick up

my heart is like a lacrosse ball,

he flicks his wrist, stick in hand and it rolls right in.

so effortless and smooth.

Indian pick up.

Tanning hides

I feel like I’m constantly giving away pieces of myself. That if I’m not pulled in all different directions like a deer hide waiting to be scraped I’m not useful to anyone.

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Linking Up :: Lo Phi (7LayerOscillator) And Rez Team Up For 'Two Piece Minivan'

If it’s not already common knowledge that anything dropping with a connection to Exploded Drawing (in)Sect Records needs to be checked out immediately, then it should be.  126 more words


Welcome, make yourself comfortable.

Well, Hello there. If you’re reading this you have stumbled into this, what I hope grows to be, sort of collection of my thoughts and opinions that I could no longer keep inside my head. 1,848 more words