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OpenNova. Rebuilding a classic Mac OS game.

A few months ago I decided to undertake a slightly ludicrous side project. To re-implement a modern version of the classic Mac OS game, Escape Velocity Nova. 727 more words

dear nehiyaw awasis

This is for my Indigenous brothers and sisters. This is for all the rez kids. This is for me.

dear nehiyaw awasis

môya âtoya nimêschikohnânâhk… 703 more words


From my journal, dated April 27th 2013

I’m done. Exams and first year university. It’s whack and hasn’t sunk in yet.

I think my exams went well, except for my last one (intro to International Relations) that I struggled with. 199 more words

Aaero -- Review

Rhythm games defined by their unique spin.  Crypt of the NecroDancer combines tapping to the beat with roguelike elements.  Thumper requires your undivided attention as it assaults your senses with speed, light, and sound.   765 more words


Vinyl Takes Video Game Music Appreciation To New Levels

(Source: kotaku.com)


iam8bit’s BIT.TRIP record. Image credit: Gramovox.

Vinyl’s not just a fad, it’s a fundamentally unique way of interacting with music and art. 1,844 more words


"See it in the marrow, buried deep in the bone."

I haven’t written much about spirituality in quite awhile, and don’t plan on it being a major topic in the future. However, I wanted to share this, which I originally posted on facebook: 315 more words


REZ Infinite

REZ Infinite ist die Neuauflage des PS2-Klassikers REZ, welche nicht nur über HD-Optik sondern auch einen VR-Modus und einen Bonus-Level namens “Area X” verfügt. Das Game wurde ausschließlich digital im PSN veröffentlicht mit einer Ausnahme: Der UK-Hänlder… 96 more words

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