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Radio-frequency identification chips often called RFID tags to employ radio waves to recognize people or objects automatically. RFID can operate under various environmental situations and offers a high quality of data integrity. 230 more words


The FDA Approves the Country’s First RFID Tags to be Implanted in Humans

In October the Food and Drug Administration approved the implantation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags into humans. According to VeriChip Corp., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions Inc., the 134.2-kHz chips could save lives and possibly limit injuries from errors in medical treatments. 520 more words


RFID (Gen 2) Explained

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. 1,185 more words


Where A Honeypot and Sandbox Meet

The proof of concept for a device that acts as both a WiFi, AP, Firewall, Honeypot and Sandbox router loaded with several virtual machines built in to prevent network attacks on devices connected to the AP. 200 more words


RFID, una gran ayuda

17 de octubre del 2018

Dinalee Rodriguez Medina


El RFID queriendo decir Radio Frequency Identification, logra identificar a distancia una etiqueta. Funciona de manera que el tag realiza una peticion o un permiso por radiofrecuencia y el lector si identifica el tag, con seguridad y en tiempo real. 37 more words

¿Qué es RFID?

Lukesh Balani Virella

INF 105 001


Identificación por radiofrecuencia

La identificación por radiofrecuencia es un conjunto de tecnologías que pretende sustituir a todos los sistemas de identificación de objetos, personas o mercancías que están actualmente en uso, desde documentos en papel hasta códigos de barras, con dispositivos de radiofrecuencia de alcance limitado. 63 more words

Mindware vs Mindwar Technology

My hypothesis as to how someone from the general public a normal run of the mill person who isn’t a government or corporate employee. Might build a mindware device for the purposes of messing with human consciousness and channel it on a specific unencrypted digital radio band with smaller peripheral devices that are made with Arduino and Raspberry Pi computer hobby boards that connect remotely to mindware systems via secure shell. 216 more words