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Coming Contact Tracing Failure May Be Part of the Plan

May 26, 2020 — When millions of people refuse to download a contact tracing app on their phone, that tracing “failure” could be used to justify why phone apps just aren’t good enough. 543 more words

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Fast in SIGHT May 24, 2020 - battling DoS attacks and MS scripts

MY FAST BEGAN MAY 10, 2020, and I am fasting until at least May 23, through the Grand Crossing of Nibiru, AKA Comet Atlas, The Destroyer, Wormwood. 2,171 more words

>> Video: Man Who Invented 666, #RFID #Microchip Speaks Out (TRUE TESTIMONY)

Video: Man Who Invented 666, #RFID #Microchip Speaks Out (TRUE TESTIMONY)

Christian Dr. Carl Sanders helped design the RFID microchip. He was an engineer for over 30 years:



From HealingOracle:

With vaccines looking like the inevitable outcome of the coronavirus hype. It looks likely that what will follow is mandatory vaccines, digital ID chip implants and many other assaults on our freedom to choose more or less anything. 1,312 more words


The JFA blog post 177

One day after we had wrapped up and were back stocking in the back, Pat and I were putting away packaged underwear on ladders. I thought it was just us in the back of house as we were putting stuff away and talking about how ambitious stock people are, such as how far I came to work and how Ryan worked 2 jobs, doing 18 hour days. 436 more words

day 37

Ok I had to take advantage of these photos from 2013 to explain why I love baggallini so much:

  1. they don’t use capital letters in their logo – LOVE…
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