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Daily Recap: Sunday

Sunday was the last official day of Fantasy Faire this year. It feels surreal, it feels too soon. Surely we opened just yesterday?

The very last events rolled in early: the Region Tour to Blackmoor, Lady Garden Cabaret in Sapphire Mirror Lake, ColeMarie Soleil’s music and particle performance in Lucentia and the conclusion of Sanctuary’s roleplay in Dangarnon. 949 more words

Fantasy Faire

The Anubis of the Golden Delta

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya
Shape – Maitreya Mesh Body Lara – Shape 4 – Maitreya
Skin – Blessing of Anubis FEMALE Blessed +FGInc.+ Ebony +Fallen Gods Inc. 37 more words

11AM – 1 PM: Clover & Dru JAILED!

From the Office of the Faireland Sheriffs

The word “ebil” gets tossed around a LOT these days. Ebil here. Ebil dere. Ebil eberwhar!! AIEEEEEEEEE!!!! (Sorry, scared myself.) 217 more words

Fantasy Faire

My Sanctuary

My dears, while the Fairelands were sizzling with events this past week, I was kept busy by RL… yet I do not complain. Yes, I did miss most of the parties and the crazy chats and the shopping and, especially, those long picture taking evenings… but I never was away from you, not really, not for an hour. 301 more words

Fantasy Faire

Story of Hope: Rhyver's Tale

After Pookie Wolfsong came forth with her story about bringing patients to the Faire from her work as a caregiver in a cancer treatment center, we have received a multitude of comments on the story. 284 more words

Fantasy Faire

Live Auction Today 2-4PM!

Every year as we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the Fairelands for a year, we offer parts of them for the Faire Folk to bid on. 171 more words

Fantasy Faire