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Applications Library:: Thin, Valley Fog Detection via GOES16 NtMicro RGB

Description: Fog from radiaitonal cooling is efficiently analyzed compared to using difference imagery. The RGB from GOES-16 uses additional channels to distinguish small scale, thin fog from clear sky. 61 more words


Gear this week: A typewriter-inspired keyboard, RAM that lights up, and more

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Gear this week: A typewriter-inspired keyboard, RAM that lights up, and more

Azio Retro Classic keyboard

Blending retro looks and modern technology, the Azio Vintage Keyboard is inspired by old vintage typewriters. 366 more words


Rushing the Design and Construction of LED Centerpieces

Sometimes the most important thing is getting something done.

was recently in such a situation. His sister was getting married and he designed, built, and delivered twenty RGB LED table centerpieces in a rush… 190 more words

Led Hacks

A Hypnotizing Interactive Art Piece for Visualizing Color Theory

Digital color theory can be a tricky concept to wrap one’s mind around – particularly if you don’t have experience with digital art. The RGB color model is about as straightforward as digital color mixing gets: you simply set the intensity of red, green, and blue individually. 207 more words

Misc Hacks

Red Green and Blue

I have noticed that if a photo has all 3 primary color it looks visually appealing … 6 more words


Sh2-155 - the Cave Nebula

Sh2-155 (also designated Sharpless 155 or S155) is a diffuse nebula in the constellation Cepheus, within a larger nebula complex containing emission, reflection, and dark nebulosity. 148 more words
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