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Our small group made a cityscape themed setup for this project.I ended up using a more open layout, ditching the four walls to create my own landscape.The result of my favorite photo put into Photoshop, before paint. 27 more words


Cmyk Pdf To Rgb

Swop colors 100 75 50 25 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 cm c cy y my m cmy k cmyk cm c cy y my m c 75 m 63 y 63 k 75 c 100 m 100 y 100 k 75 c 50 21/09/2011 From the screeshto below I am finding the only way to tell if a PDF I receive is RGB or CMYK, is by the transparency blending space. 425 more words


Logitech's first gaming speakers pack RGB lighting and ample bass for $199

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Logitech has been making speakers for ages. It’s also made gaming accessories for ages. Somewhere down the line, Logitech decided to combine these two talents to make a gaming speaker. 380 more words


Logitech’s new G560 gaming speakers bring RGB immersion to your desktop

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Logitech has today announced its RGB venture into a more immersive desktop gaming environment. The new G560 PC Gaming Speakers are the company’s first with LIGHTSYNC technology. 377 more words


LED Illusion Makes Colorful Water Drops Defy Gravity

The 60s and 70s were a great time for kitschy lighting accessories. Lava lamps, strobes, color organs, black light posters — we had it all. One particularly groovy device was an artificial rain display, where a small pump dripped mineral oil over vertical monofilament lines surrounding a small statue, with the whole thing lighted from above in dramatic fashion. 218 more words

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RGB Disk Goes Interactive with Bluetooth; Shows Impressive Plastic Work

had a clear goal: a big, featureless, white plastic disk with RGB LEDs concealed around its edge. So what is it? A big ornament that could glow any color or trippy mixture of colors one desires. 307 more words

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