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The Browns acquired Griffin this off season after the Redskins released him. By all accounts of what is coming out of Cleveland, Griffin sounds like he is in line to be the starting quarterback. 412 more words


Has There Ever Been a Weirder Backlash Cycle than the Blake Lively Story?

We tried out Facebook Live for the first time today. To say there were zero hiccups would be inaccurate. The real #content starts at about the two-minute mark. 102 more words

Stephen Curry

Phinal Word Podcast - RGIII, Put some "Respek" on his Name

News came out that RGIII spoke with his coaching staff in his second year and essentially told them how to coach the team. For a second year player to do that to a Superbowl winning coach and essentially dismiss the playbook, seems to have started the demise of RGIII. 31 more words

Lebron James

Cleveland Needs RGIII, Not RGIV

Four years ago, Robert Griffin III had the greatest statistical season for a rookie quarterback in NFL history. His passer rating (102.4) was higher than every quarterback except for Rodgers and Manning. 961 more words


Theory of Relativity and Other News

-The NFL isn’t as all encompassing as they would like us to believe(vine.com)

-Rob Gronkowski is really light on his feet(gq.com)

-RGIII takes being a coach on the field to a whole new level( 27 more words

Other News

Dear Robert: A letter from a Browns fan to RGIII

Dear Robert,

First off, thank you.

Thank you for giving us a reason to be excited after a 3-13 season and yet another organizational cleansing. Thank you for being not only willing, but excited to come to Cleveland and be a part of the renewed effort to turn the Browns into a winning organization. 711 more words

Statuesque and Other News

-With the help of RGIII, the Browns are trying to rebuild their image(bso.com)

-Is Cam Newton’s rap name MC Crybaby?(instagram.com/ace.cameron)

-There will be a lot of athletes vacation in Mexico during their next off-seasons( 36 more words

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