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RGIII Was Ugly on Instagram, on Valentine's Day No Less!

Last Wednesday felt like any other Valentine’s Day for me — I went into work, awkwardly said Happy Valentine’s Day to a bunch of coworkers because apparently that’s normal, looked at other people’s flowers on Instagram since snap stories are now a thing of the past, went home and sat in my room alone. 377 more words

RGIII on Tweet About Alex Smith: 'It's Completely a Joke' (WATCH)

After the Redskins traded for Alex Smith, former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III chimed in with a reaction that had people scratching their heads.

“Some how…Some way…they will blame this on me. 190 more words


Running Shallows with the Drive Concept

In our final example, we will watch RGIII make a progression-based read running another West Coast classic, the Drive concept (the Steelers often run this play to get the ball to Antonio Brown in space). 226 more words


QB's I Want to See in the New XFL That Aren't Named Tebow or Manziel

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Whether we wanted it or not, the XFL is back. Apparently we are relying on Vince McMahon to remake the sport of football, but without it being gimmicky. 502 more words

Where Are They Now: Browns Quarterback Edition, Part 3

One of the most exciting things about being a Cleveland Browns fan is never knowing who your starting quarterback is going to be week by week, year by year. 1,049 more words

Brown Stands For Toughness

RGIII and Santana Moss are Beefing Over.....Mike Shanahan?

ESPNRobert Griffin III celebrated when the Washington Redskins fired coach Mike Shanahan, former teammate Santana Moss said. However, Moss told a local radio station, Griffin’s giddiness hurt him in the end.¬† 383 more words