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Please accept my sincerest apologies if it took me so long to fulfill my promise to read your novel until the end. I am writing this because albeit slow, I just did. 175 more words



This is going to be really short. I just really, really wanted to commemorate the date I managed to finish the first really rough draft of a writing project I’ve been doing in the past nine months. 103 more words

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Vain. Don't look.

This is just me being bored. :D

I dug up some pics of my ever so weird self, chose some shots, then that’s it. I just wanted to post something on a February 29. 146 more words

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Now, now. Please don’t panic because of the title. I have just given it much thought in the past few days and I’ve finally decided to push through with the idea. 204 more words

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Behind The “Playgirl”: Part 4

Hello everyone! Allow me a super duper mega late greeting:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3 <3 <3

If you haven’t noticed yet, I wasn’t able to post updates on my stories in the past 2 (3?) weeks. 262 more words

Writing Attempts

Behind the "Playgirl": Part 3

Whoa! I’m almost, almost done with half of A Playgirl’s Secret Diaries! How cool is that? Anyway, since I’ve posted chapter 15 already, that means another set of trivia.*so sorry if you thought Chapter 15 was a bit short* 177 more words

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My thoughts and reviews back when I was younger

I just wrote a review for “Letters to Juliet” movie and I thought that maybe I should go check out my ‘brain-dead’ multiply site. I checked on the reviews I did and I was surprised that I wrote quite a lot. 297 more words

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