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Ad Hominem Ad Nauseam

A few weeks ago I discovered a nifty browser app called rbutr (pronounced ‘rebutter’), which notifies you if someone somewhere on the web has written a rebuttal to the article you are currently reading or if there’s an article that broadly presents opposing arguments, and provides you with a direct link to it. 1,890 more words


Infographic Candy: David McCandless's Rhetological Fallacies

Logical fallacies are an element of Professional Communication and Presentation that have fallen a bit by the wayside–with only one month of class and a semester’s worth of material to cover, it’s difficult to talk about everything without just lecturing at students for 4-8 hour periods. 45 more words

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Logic Error

There’s a lot of bad logic out there.  In the debate between those advocating for digital self-publishing and those advocating for traditional publishing… there’s more than a fair share of bad logic.  1,431 more words

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Rhetological Fallicies

Hat tip to Skepchick for uncovering this lovely infographic of rhetological fallacies from Information Is Beautiful. Very cool!



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