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Mastering Disaster—The "Damage Control" Mindset

Whether personal, economic or legal, any kind of crisis strains our brains. Our thinking is wrecked, our emotions frazzled. Panic sets in.

Among the worst are those crises that threaten our credibility and our trust among those we need – our family, our friends, and often our clients in professional life. 601 more words

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Slow Down: Waiting Works Better for Decisions

We decide too fast. We should take more time to think through the timing of our decisions. We should pause when faced with what seem like pressing, urgent questions. 1,188 more words

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Your Baloney Detection Kit

The late Carl Sagan brought us many lasting intellectual treasures, among them an inspiring blend of enthusiasm, imagination, and knowledge about our cosmos. A lesser known, but still immensely useful, contribution to the never-ending search for knowledge is Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit,” a list of mental tools to avoid our ever-present tendency toward “magical” thinking. 637 more words

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How Do You Make Meaning?

When you want to convince someone, you can make an argument or  you can tell a story. Which path do you choose? If you argue, you focus on logic, truth, coherence. 544 more words

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Your Inner "Press Secretary" is Delusional?

We listen to the President’s Press Secretary with skepticism. We’re skeptical because we know the Press Secretary’s job is to justify the President’s policies and decisions. 862 more words

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Writing (and Thinking) with Style

Scholar Helen Sword studied as many writing guides as she could lay her eyes on. She saw six points of unanimous advice:

1. Clarity, Coherence, Concision… 460 more words

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Our Resonant Minds: How to Listen Well, Think Better

Clear thinking requires deep listening. When we listen deeply to one another, our minds achieve what brain scientists call “neural resonance,” an enhanced state of mental attunement in which physical properties of our brains actually mirror one another at the neuronal level. 856 more words

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