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Nothing More

Death doesn’t knock
before entering
unexpected guest
comes to call
whispers gentle shush
soft breeze
leaving just the slightest
chill on the cheek
incomplete bargaining… 66 more words



Hello everyone,

Speech is a powerful tool. It lets us bend the truth so that things go in our favor. It allows us to represent ideas in a manner that doesn’t reflect things as they should be. 557 more words


Definition of Rhetoric


This assignment was the first in a course I took called “Rhetorical Theory and Practice”. In this assignment we were instructed to define rhetoric in about 2 pages. 582 more words

Definition of Rhetoric: Large Group


In this Rhetorical Theory and Practice assignment, my small group was paired with two other small groups to compose a large and final paper defining rhetoric. 2,875 more words

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Rhetorical Analysis


In this Rhetorical Theory and Practice assignment, independently we were told to pick a text and analyze why it works, or doesn’t work. I choose small excerpts from the music video accompanying  1,474 more words

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Definition of Rhetoric:Small Group


In this assignment, I was paired up with three classmates from Rhetorical Theory and Practice. We combined our individual definition of rhetoric papers into one. 1,828 more words

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And Then There Were Two*

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton, a no holds barred cage match to the death**.

This should be fun. Clinton is very much “the devil you know.” She’s the closest thing the Democrats have to Bob Dole in the sense that her candidacy feels as though it’s a result of it being her turn as much as anything. 726 more words