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Apocarteresis (a-po-car-ter’-e-sis): Casting of all hope away from one thing and placing it on another source altogether.

There was always love, and I took it, and I twisted it, and I tore it; I crumpled it, lit it on fire and threw it over the abyss between knowing and hoping–burning, sparking, smoking, falling, drowning in the bitter sloe pool; lukewarm and slithering–churning and grey, thick with the ashes of extinguished love–a perfect sump for hell. 262 more words

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Apocope (a-pok’-o-pe): Omitting a letter or syllable at the end of a word. A kind of metaplasm.

I’m goin’ to the supermarket right after lunch. 23 more words

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You Don't Have a PR Person Telling You What to Say

For years after the success of Pygmalion, his play later adapted into the more famous musical My Fair Lady, George Bernard Shaw spilled a lot of ink arguing that Eliza would not marry Higgins. 866 more words


I'm Sick of Always Trying to Be Right.

I remember the first day that I realized one of the most powerful tricks when engaging in argument: concession.

Whether it’s the type of arguments we have with our parents, yelling across houses and slamming doors and making our silence mark our pride, or the arguments formed with pencil and paper, deliberating one idea over another, our human ability to concede can be more effective than fighting against bruised egos and vicious words. 424 more words


Cabinet Pay Freeze: Symbolic or Substantial?

A rather bleak Sunday morning in England is only further nauseated with the first political story to emerge in today’s headlines; Writing in the Sunday Times, Prime Minister David Cameron announces that all Cabinet Ministers are to have a complete pay freeze as “we are all in this together” and that this is indicative of his ‘One Nation’ approach. 160 more words


The Conversation Behind and Within the Literature

If only there were a vast literature on how to familiarize yourself with vast literatures.

What is a literature? Well, it’s a conversation among scholars, in the form of papers and books. 698 more words



Apodixis (a-po-dix’-is): Proving a statement by referring to common knowledge or general experience.

There is no way I took your Apple Watch. What the heck would I do with it? 128 more words

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