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Portfolio Grading Response

In “Portfolio Standards for English 101,” Douglas D. Hesse categorizes the qualities he looks for in student portfolios, although not every category may be appropriate for assessment, depending upon the local situation of the course. 634 more words


Project 2: Annotated Bibliography

A Language of Play: New Media’s Possibility Spaces

In A Language of Play: New Media’s Possibility Spaces the author, Joshua Daniel-Wariya, argues that writing in a digital format has developed its own language of play and changed the way people communicate and persuade (2016).  682 more words

rhetoric in imagery

a still from “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is representative of the filmmaker’s argument that characteristics of reality are the manifestation of one’s perception

rhetoric in a poem

This poem is about negotiating during grief. The author suggests that bringing time to a standstill is an easy solution.

Cease the Day

Forbid the Earth that alpenglow… 97 more words

Annotated Bibliography

Works Cited

Comer, Kathryn. “Illustrating Praxis: Comic Composition, Narrative Rhetoric, and Critical Multiliteracies.” Composition Studies 43.1 (2015): 75-104. Academic Search Ultimate. Web. In “Illustrating Praxis: Comic Composition, Narrative, Rhetoric, and Critical Multiliteracies” (2015), Kathryn Comer explains that “using narrative theory alongside comic studies students and teachers with a flexible, transferable vocabulary compatible with literacy-focused pedagogies”. 770 more words

Rhetorical Précis

Viswanath, Bimal, et al. “On the Evolution of User Interaction in Facebook.” ACM Digital Library, Aug. 2009, dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1592675&CFID=819793721&CFTOKEN=79244984.

  1. Bismal Viswanath, Alan Mislove, Meeyoung Cha, and Krishna Gummadi at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, in “
  2. 945 more words


Dear Brande

How I’ll miss you

You’ll never know

She was ambitious

And she was #goals

Prayers of rest and peace

For such a beautiful soul… 21 more words