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Cynical’s My Name!

One unfortunate result of going through a political season, like the one we’re in right now, is that no matter what is said, no matter what action we take, nor how good we appear to be, nothing has changed in American life. 571 more words


Favourite passages of Leo's Tome

A few weeks ago, I misplaced my photocopy of Eduard Schwartz’s critical edition of Leo’s Tome. I assumed that I had tossed it out by accident since I had been clearing out a lot of old papers and things from my flat. 953 more words


It's About That Time.

“Bus is coming, it’s time to leave
the summer’s gone, and so are we…”
“Let’s go shut it down in New Orleans…”
“Miami” – Counting Crows… 405 more words


8 writing lessons from Michelle Obama's DNC speech

This week, Michelle Obama gave a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention. Poynter.org have published an article, picking apart some of the skilful rhetoric used in the speech. 104 more words


Diversity doesn't help businesses

Diversity is a rather touchy subject right now, with a lot of people calling for more of it and praising it as a great thing. Where I agree with some aspects of the diversity argument, such as the ability to get great food, meet people with different ideas, perspectives and cultures to my own. 484 more words


On a grammatical level, this cursory list suggests that Clinton is more likely to use keywords that are substantive and concrete. She mentions men, women, children, Americans, students…

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