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The Ethics of Rhetoric (Weaver)

Weaver, Richard. The Ethics of Rhetoric.

Rhetoric in society reflects the order or disorder of that society’s soul (speaking loosely).  For example, the 17 century represented heroic mental energy (seen in Milton’s prose), the 18th century saw counterpoise and balance (seen in the magnificent Dr Johnson).  929 more words

Book Review

Guide by the Perplexed -- Triad Tirade

“A triad is a simultaneous combination of three notes.”

(Ralph Denyer, “The Guitar Handbook,” Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2006)

The introductory sentence to the “Triads” section of this useful guide distracts me from triads.

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Rachel Ingalls - Mrs. Caliban

The Shape of Water burst on the scene shortly before the re-issue of Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls, but Ingalls beat del Toro to the story by 35 years as this novel features a housewife in a marriage that seems stagnant who falls for a sensitive male of another species. 282 more words

Book Review

Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley: Discursive Musings on the Advent of Summer

Grades finished. Classes closed. The battle over. Another year of teaching in the books. All of the inevitable “next years” come to the fore as one school calendar gives way to the next. 2,331 more words

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Farewell, Sarah

Farewell, Sarah

As Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tenure as the White House Press Secretary wanes, I am cognizant of how much time has passed since she was named to the position, and all of the former Trump Administration personnel and cabinet members she’s seen come and go. 1,570 more words


futility in feeling

He asks me if I love him

And I ask if he is serious.

Perhaps his smile is meant to be reassuring

But maybe it’s a joke. 75 more words