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2012 chap 9 p.101

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. The last two weeks of destructive carnage wrought throughout the Americas. Earthquakes and Hurricanes still ravaging coastlines. Canada attacking from the north and Mexico from the south. 546 more words


We are living in strange times. For every minimum act of governance there is maximal rhetoric. While the government has permitted people who wield power to defend rapists and obstruct due process, and while some of India’s lawmakers are under a cloud, we have been presented with the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018, as a deterrence against the commission of rape. 637 more words


DeviousArtist21, Why do you Blog?

TO many of my readers, it seems that my blog was primarily started as a mental health blog. While it has definitely become that over the past couple of years, it didn’t start out that way. 320 more words

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2012 chap 9 p.100

I couldn’t tell the time, nor did I know how far I had driven. I only knew I was heading west on the only road out of town. 530 more words

2012 chap 9 p.99

The Battle. I lay on the ground and watched the vehicles roll to a smooth stop a mere twenty yards from the barricade. The sixty caliber machine guns atop the two forward transports opening up on it. 568 more words

2012 chap 8 p.98

As I went back out onto the sidewalk, Rolly lifted his head from the laying position he was in, his two front legs extended forward. Looking at me, he gave no indication either happy or sad, just the recognition that I was there. 563 more words

2012 chap 8 p.97

‘Do you need me in on this?’ I asked as he was passing me to get to the front door. “No, I should even be back in less than hour, I’m pretty sure”, he replied. 567 more words