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Antanaclasis (an’-ta-na-cla’-sis): The repetition of a word or phrase whose meaning changes in the second instance.

Let’s ship it by ship!

What, are you kidding? If you’re shipping mail by ship you might as well be shipping chain mail! 41 more words

Figures Of Speech

KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON: The Greeks Invented Mathematics, and Now It’s Bankrupting Them

National Review — In the short term, the world runs on words; in the long term, the world runs on numbers.

It is as though the Muses came to an agreement: In the here and now, mankind is subject to rhetoric, but mathematics gets the final say. 65 more words


One Word from Sophia, it's Destiny!

Sometimes you know at first sight that you were destined to meet.  That happened to me today.

The SDAWP Summer Institute (SI) is in full swing, which means my head is full and my schedule is packed.   320 more words



I saw so many stories in my land.,

Debacled by the qualm of my prosaic customs,

I’m slyed down, but my impetus soul keeps me swing along. 58 more words


T.Y.F.A: Chapter 25: Run an Agreeable Country

“Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing… for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making… 231 more words

Rhetoric: The Most Misunderstood, "Nonexistent" Language

By Veronica U.-K.

Rhetoric. We all learned about it in high school. I was taught it is language that is designed to have a sort of persuasive effect on its audience. 304 more words

Word Vomit Galore

Table-Turning: A Close Reading of Marx

Marx wastes little time in presenting the illusion he plans to dismantle: that ‘a commodity appears…a trivial thing, and easily understood.[1] This mock thesis is immediately followed by its antithetical refutation, which forms the basis of Marx’s argument: that ‘it is, in reality, a very queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties’. 1,133 more words

Critical Theory