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Joseph Solomon - "Scars"

I’m just scared to scar again. I’m afraid they’ll laugh at the way I bleed. Fearful to commit to love. You know there’s layers to this, right? 80 more words


Politics and rhetoric

What is so funny about politics? Among many, politics has become a level playing field for everyone, the best and the worst, the real and the counterfeit alike. 1,008 more words



I am deeply fascinated by how an oral culture retains the core of the communicative act. How can a deeply interactive framework of expression based in shared experience survive, when faced with translation into a written public sphere? 196 more words

Why It's Important to be Able to Defend Why Things are Important

During university, I briefly participated in a community outreach program that went into the downtown of Hamilton and handed out hot chocolate to pedestrians near the mall, bus terminals, or soup trucks. 565 more words



2 years ago. It was a cold November night in Berlin. I was very excited. I finally had the opportunity to meet one of my public speaking role models, Florian Mueck. 560 more words


The other statement is overridden

Nixon press secretary Ron Ziegler used to be the gold standard for political obfuscation, with his declaration (when he had to reverse previous insistence that no one in the White House was involved in the Watergate break-in “This is the operative statement. 316 more words