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Dealing with people who talk at you

Here a mindset for this situation.

We all know people who are not really interested in an even conversation. In fact it is not a conversation. 566 more words


Pick a Door: Blessed are the Poor

How do you read this?

Jesus went up the mountain with his followers, as the great teachers do. His first words:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven…

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Ancient Text

Before you slip off

Before you slip off to unconsciousness
I want to have another kiss
Another chance at the fictional bliss
Another rhetoric to the mundane verses

Before you slip off to unconsciousness… 108 more words


Politically (in)correct.

I was in a Barnes & Noble recently, and happened to open a book entitled something along the lines of “Why Conservatism is Correct.” After raising an eyebrow at a few of the chapter titles, I read a short passage that railed against that much-reviled enemy of pop conservatism, “political correctness.” 364 more words

The Delivery of Visual Rhetoric: The Oscars

“The Oscars is the celebration of film, but there’s also a degree in which we can celebrate and tell the story of the filmmakers’ journey through design.” – Henry Hobson…

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Final (Research Question) Countdown

The Final Blog Post. Boy oh boy, though it will go out with a bang that’s for sure. Why is that? Because of my indecisiveness, I have gone through several research questions and now found one where I can find research in references to writing, rhetoric, purpose, and much much more. 685 more words

Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOTP language factories, Feb. 21-28, 2015

ambushing: asking Scott Walker a question. Actually, any challenging question is now called a “gotcha” question (see below), making the very act of even asking questions “divisive” (see below). 568 more words