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From the Comments: Weber, Geloso on inequality

How did I not see these before? Rick chimed in on Zak’s post about inequality and libertarianism awhile back. As usual, he tries to give the opposition the benefit of the doubt: 482 more words


A trick of the trade?

Many years ago, I read Cicero’s essay on friendship. To be honest I couldn’t finish it as it just seemed too sanctimonious and dull. But it was an interesting exercise in rhetoric. 300 more words


Blog 18: Current impact and the future of self-tracking

Here, hear, last official blog entry for the course! We are wrapping up the last two chapters of Neff & Nafus’s Self-Tracking this week, and will move quickly into the end of the semester. 432 more words


Organizing Aims in Rationality and Persuasion

An organizing aim is essential to rationality and persuasion. Its resultant state of clarity will facilitate internal logical consistency, a means for judging arguments, and a platform for which to persuade and argue with others. 1,142 more words



Allegory (al’-le-go-ry): A sustained metaphor continued through whole sentences or even through a whole discourse.

The Most Important Man in the World

There was an elderly Emperor who lived in a big white house in the capital of the States United of America! 343 more words


Rhetoric scholars pinpoint why Trump's inarticulate speaking style is so persuasive

President Donald Trump does not sound like a traditionally impressive orator. His sentences are grammatically awkward, repetitive, and composed of highly simplistic words.

Trump’s remarks when he announced his campaign for presidency presents a typical example of his rambling, incoherent speaking style: 931 more words


Alleotheta (al-le-o-the’-ta): Substitution of one case, gender, mood, number, tense, or person for another. Synonymous with enallage. general category that includes antiptosis [(a type of enallage in which one grammatical case is substituted for another)] and all forms of enallage [(the substitution of grammatically different but semantically equivalent constructions)]. 180 more words