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Diasyrmus (di’-a-syrm-os): Rejecting an argument through ridiculous comparison.

Claiming that you drove off the road shoulder because you liked the view is like claiming you visit dumps because you like their smell. 42 more words


Colonialism - What is the relationship between the citizen and the State?

As you read and analyzed Jamacia Kincaid’s article this week, “On seeing England for the first time”, you explored the idea of the relationship between the citizen and the State within the system of Colonialism. 136 more words


We need to talk about duties as well as rights

For the last fortnight I’ve been doing jury service. The case I was assigned was an unpleasant one, but overall I found the experience surprisingly rewarding. 573 more words


Against the "Post-Truth" Narrative

In 2004, I was 19, conservative, and a partisan for blogging in the then-raging bloggers vs journalists rivalry.

The incident that would eventually end Dan Rather’s career at CBS seemed to me the model of how bloggers would improve the news. 1,321 more words


We have a History?

History is everywhere. Simple and true statement, right?

When I think of history, I think of two things: museums and globes. It’s easy to see why the former image would pop into my mind; museums are collections of tangible history. 625 more words

Thousands of Jewish protesters join Women’s March targeting Trump’s policies and rhetoric

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Thousands of Jews joined an estimated hundreds of thousands of protesters in the Women’s March on Washington protesting newly installed President Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric. 694 more words

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I don't want to eat the meat

“Red meat” rhetoric scares me.

When a speaker goes beyond attacking a policy that his listeners dislike and sinks into demonizing their fellow citizens who support the policy, the listeners may gobble up the verbal attack eagerly. 121 more words