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Post 10: SU as Author

The poster I am choosing to do a rhetorical analysis on is the Orange After Dark scheduled events. Orange After Dark or OAD is late night programs and events for Syracuse University students to be able to come together. 332 more words

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Blog Post 10: SU as Author

I was in Bird Library when I came across the poster that is attatched below this post. The poster is meant to inform students about an opportunity. 287 more words

Syracuse University

Syracuse as an Author

Rhetorical analysis can be applied to any piece of writing or speech so that the motives of the language can be assessed with a critical eye. 380 more words

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R&W: Rhetorical Analysis

We finished up our rhetorical analysis group work today with the TFA articles from yesterday (we also had a bell work yesterday after I returned your notebooks that dealt with your opinion regarding what the purpose might be for us to learn about rhetoric and rhetorical analysis) before debriefing in our notebooks concerning our individual thoughts about whether or not our assigned article produced an effective argument. 138 more words

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Rhetorical Analysis: Football Schedule

Syracuse University’s men’s football schedule has a lot of context hidden within the document. At first glance, the schedule appears to be a normal list of the teams that we are playing throughout the year. 328 more words

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Blog Post 9: Athletic Schedule

As I was walking through Marshall Street, I noticed a sign in the window of “Manny’s,” and I thought it would be very fitting for this blog post. 297 more words


Movie Analysis

Days of Wine and Roses, 1962  

  • Directed by: Blake Edwards
  • Screenplay by: JP Miller
  • Music by: Henry Mancini

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