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The genre of this article is a some what non fictional personal essay. more of a personal narrative one might say as Diaz is telling his own story in first person. 617 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis Video: The Process

In order to create the rhetorical analysis video seen above, I had to complete a thorough genre analysis of 3 distinct, yet related online texts. I chose to examine the call-to-action pages of 3 political parties: the Democratic Party, the Green Party US, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.My hypothesis was that the call-to-action pages would be indicative of each party’s individual locus within the overarching rhetorical situation of civic engagement. 519 more words

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Hi, my name is Abby Monique. I am from Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to El Paso a couple of months ago. I am majoring in Education with hopes to be an elementary school teacher or a guidance counselor. 67 more words

Annotated Bibliography

Civil Disobedience - What is the relationship between The Citizen and The State?

As we continue to examine the question of “what is the relationship between the citizen and the state” this week we will do so informed by your reading of Henry David Thoreau’s famous text ‘Civil Disobedience’. 462 more words


2. Musings of my Favourite Website: Pandora

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Pandora is one of the leading sites for streaming music other than Spotify and many more. I use pandora (the free edition) just about every day. 628 more words

Colonialism - What is the relationship between the citizen and the State?

As you read and analyzed Jamacia Kincaid’s article this week, “On seeing England for the first time”, you explored the idea of the relationship between the citizen and the State within the system of Colonialism. 136 more words


Conducting A Visual Analysis of Rhetoric

In the article we read from Ann Hodgeman, she takes a satirical look at the use of advertising used to persuade people to purchase particular brands of dog food. 1,587 more words