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07b-07b- Rhetorical Analysis Haseeb.H

Berners-Lee, Tim. “Long Live The Web.” Scientific American 303.6 (2010): 80-85. Computers & Applied Sciences Complete. Web. 20 June 2015.

Tim Berners Lee mentions that the Web is being threatened. 462 more words


Nerd Alert - A,D,E

First of all, how come ADE is not a word but AID is. I know this is an English Language and not English Origin class but C’MON. 730 more words

Ap Language

Sense8: A Rhetorical Review

 (Please forgive the lengthy post, as it gradually evolved from a review into a rhetorical analysis) 

 After a few days of binge-watching, I have finally finished the 1st season of… 1,397 more words


Notes on The Signifying Monkey: A Theory of Afro-American Literary Criticism by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

In this seminal work of literary criticism, Gates explores the relation of the black vernacular tradition to the Afro-american literary tradition through close reading, interpretation, and speculation, (or contemporary criticism) and its use in analyzing black literature primarily focusing on the work of Zora Neale Hurston, Ishmael Reed, Alice Walker, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and others.  1,457 more words

A Guide to a Successful Fundraiser

In the article “In the Beginning,” Tony Poderis aims to inform his readers about how to successfully carry out a fundraiser. His main audiences are people involved in nonprofit organizations and people in the community outreach and marketing departments of other organizations. 373 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Thomas Paine: The American Crisis

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thus, 18th century author Thomas Paine begins the first pamphlet of his series titled The American Crisis. Paine wrote the series in the midst of the American Revolutionary War fought between the American Colonists and the British Empire. 664 more words


Rhetorical analysis and tutors' grades

One of my doctoral students, Duygu Simsek (now Duygu Bektik), presented on her work at LAK15.

Simsek, Duygu; Sandor, Ágnes; Buckingham Shum, Simon; Ferguson, Rebecca; De Liddo, Anna and Whitelock, Denise (2015). 178 more words