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Music Video For a Cause

I had a hard time deciding on a music video, but once I thought of this one I was settled. I chose “Wrong Side of Heaven,” by Five Finger Death Punch because it is not only powerful, but also highlights a huge problem that we have in our country today. 421 more words


Homage to the music video (Blog Entry 8)

Blog Entry 8

Music video!

This music blog entry is dedicated to….. *dum dum dum*…. the music video!!!

Pick a music video (made by the artist, intended to accompany the song) and evaluate the effectiveness of the video in relationship to the song. 179 more words


07b Rhetorical Analsis Shabnum R.

Rhetorical Analysis

Ferrero, Eric. “The Innocence Project: Exonerating the Wrongfully Convicted and Helping           Strengthen the Criminal Justice System.” Sheriff 60.1 (2008): 37-9. ProQuest. 27 June       2015… 369 more words


Invoking others

Today we’re thinking about the role of invoking others in our writing, and how best to do so.

Analyzing Rhetorical Situations

Following Melzer and Coxwell-Teague’s suggestion (and the overall goals of the WRT 105 course), we’ve talked about situating literacy moments, which I have correlated with rhetorical situations. 341 more words

07b-07b- Rhetorical Analysis Haseeb.H

Berners-Lee, Tim. “Long Live The Web.” Scientific American 303.6 (2010): 80-85. Computers & Applied Sciences Complete. Web. 20 June 2015.

Tim Berners Lee mentions that the Web is being threatened. 462 more words