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A Useful Thinking Tool: Rhetorical Analysis in the Real World

As a citizen and a scholar, I use rhetorical analysis to sort out questions about politics and relationships.  I’d like to show people how rhetorical analysis operates in everyday life and how it is a valuable tool for understanding and for preparing to engage in the world. 2,659 more words

Public Writing

Sources and Stakeholders on Brexit (assignment 3)

Our group is researching Brexit now. In short, this is the term given to Britain voting (in a non-legally-binding poll) to leave the European Union over the summer. 215 more words


Homework for Friday, September 16th

As the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, has told us, young people need to know how to move past a passive engagement with technology. 592 more words

Unit 1 Posts

Project 1 Rough Draft

The popularization of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR, respectively) has reached a new level of accessibility, with 360 degree footage available for viewing on most smart phones. 970 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Princeton Letter

Princeton University: one of the most prestigious school in America, with an acceptance rate of 6.5% according to their official website, sent me a letter dated March 14, 2016. 835 more words

Responding to Well Fargo's Insensitive Ad (assignment 2)

In her first post, Sarah researched several of Well Fargo’s ads which insinuated that students should always pick careers in the hard sciences instead of the arts. 306 more words


Project 1: Brainstorming


The above image depicting a mind map of my thoughts on things to discuss within Project 1 summarizes many different approaches I could take to the “bigger picture” side of the essay; I intend to start writing and see what direction my arguments take naturally. 830 more words

Rhetorical Analysis