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Kaufman's Fluidity of Time

In film, it is common practice to indicate the passage of time through the use of establishing shots or by explicitly stating the passage of time via a text overlay. 949 more words


Pathways to Learning

What would happen if we stopped dictating in the classroom and started presenting opportunities to learn?

Allowing students to design their own learning doesn’t mean the teacher can sit at their desk with their feet up and merely exert enough energy to keep the roof on. 427 more words

21st Century


Before coming to Bread Loaf I read (somewhere in “online world”) that Bread Loaf does a really good job of getting it’s students to feel a little off kilter. 73 more words

21st Century

An Unforgettable Message

The first step in developing a lesson plan is usually to answer the question of What do I want my students to learn from this? Once the end game is determined, it is time to decide on the method in which to bring the message across. 614 more words

21st Century

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Coldplay is a British alternative rock band, formed in London, United Kingdom in 1997. (From Last.fm) One of their most popular songs is “Viva La Vida”. 1,779 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

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Seeing the flaws in a perfect world…….What will life be without love, memories and colors? Is this community a real utopia? If all citizens’ happiness is building on one person’s pain, will you want to stay there? 1,193 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

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NMD Boosts

    Adidas should make much more NMD boosts so the market price of it can hopefully lower. The NMD boost is one of the shoes that became extremely popular this year. 1,803 more words

Rhetorical Analysis