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Language and Truth

Human language is complicated business, and the way we talk about a subject can deceive or speak truth simply by the labels we use.  When we speak and when we listen, when we write and when we read, we should be attentive to whether language is being used truthfully or deceptively. 204 more words

Contra Mundum

Rhetorical Analysis on the Doctor's Speech on War

            Following the signing of a treaty in The Day of the Doctor, humanity and the shape-shifting Zygons had been living alongside each other in peace for several years. 1,335 more words

English Essay

It’s All In Your Head

Daeja Ramos

Professor Ramos


25 April 2019

My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me

There is no shortage of times one can recall being stuck in their own head. 2,163 more words


Fear of What Could Be There

of What Could be There

Nighttime is usually for getting into pajamas, drinking some type of warm beverage and getting into your bed under the warm covers slipping in to a peaceful sleep and nice dream. 1,303 more words


Have Sex!

Sex, the root of life. It is the beginning to creation and love. Although most consider it to be fun, its purpose is to be able to start a family, to conceive. 1,250 more words


Old Words, Same Issues- An Analysis of Sor Juana's "hombres necios que acusáis"

Julio Quiñones

Professor Ramos

English 1-B

April 18, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis of “Hombres necios que acusáis”

The setting is Mexico city, in New Spain during the late half of the 17th century. 2,267 more words



Diego Solorio Solorio 1

Professor Ramos


23 April 2019


When we were young, we wanted to be everything. We wanted to be astronauts, rockstars, movie stars, and even scientist. 1,426 more words