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What are Rhetorical Velocity and Exigence/Kairos?

1. Rhetorical Velocity

Rhetorical velocity can be defined in two ways. Firstly, it is the consideration of how you will invent your digital text based on how you think it may be recomposed in the future. 392 more words

HW: WED. 9/13

HW: WED. 9/13

DUE: THUR. 9/14


Today in class, we looked at the RHETORICAL TRIANGLE as a tool for clarifying what is happening in Bush’s speech as he attempts to achieve his various purposes. 1,027 more words

What are Rhetorical Canons?

The word canon can often be confusing to people who have never encountered it. I first encountered it back in the day when I would peruse Harry Potter forums online. 1,120 more words

So...What is Digital Rhetoric Anyway?

Rhetoric is such a big word, I often find myself unsure of how to wrap my head around it. Theoretically, everything can be considered rhetoric. But how do we, at the very least, differentiate digital rhetoric from just plain old rhetoric? 823 more words

little miss fix it

i thought i’d start my stream of blog posts by introducing you all to this diary’s namesake, a book called, u guessed it, The Feminine Fix-It Handbook. 276 more words

Body Presence

Rhetorical Analysis of Multimodal Texts

For the first blog post assignment of this course, I am going to rhetorically analyze and dissect the design choices of two multimodal texts. In this case, I have chosen to analyze two book-based blogs: … 1,309 more words

The Declaration of Independence

We are examining our founding document – an amazing piece of text that brought us to where we are today, and inspired other nations to declare those own free and independent states. 7,693 more words