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All I Can Say Is "ShamWow!" - Rhetorical Analysis

Imagine turning on your television in search of relaxation only to hear a tall man with spiky hair yelling about a small, gold yellow towel. Imagine no longer, because this is the reality of the renowned… 1,017 more words

Kaufman's Reflection and Projection of Subjective Experience

In film, it is often taken for granted that each scene shown to the audience is an accurate depiction of the events in the story. That is, in following the protagonist throughout the plot of a film, the audience witnesses the film’s events as they actually occur. 1,222 more words


Rhetorical analysis: Should education be reformed?

In Regan Manwell Sowinski’s editorial “Stop Blaming Teachers: Send Texts Instead”, Sowinski pushes the message that American education materials need to adopt viewpoints from all sides of the culture it teaches. 678 more words


Rhetorical Analysis Cover Letter

This narrative will discuss about my analysis between an academic text and a popular article. This process of analysis began with a long and tedious process of searching for comparable sources. 288 more words

Donald Trump Speech Rhetoric

In Donald Trump’s responding to accusations of assault speech, he uses repetition, declarative statements and directly appeals to the the audience by discussing issues they’re passionate about to emphasize the message that the success of the American people directly relates to their vote and despite the media’s portrayal and women’s claims of inappropriate conduct, he still deserves to be president of the United States.   405 more words

October 13, 2016: First Lady Michelle Obama addressing upcoming presidential election in response to Donald Trump’s treatment of women

Michelle Obama delivered her speech to New Hampshire, transcribed by NPR (October 13, 2016), about republican nominee Donald Trump’s alleged treatment of women only days after a tape of him talking about sexually assaulting women was released. 891 more words

Michelle Obama's Speech on Trumps Professed Treatment of Women

First Lady, Michelle Obama, in her speech on Donald Trump’s Alleged Treatment Of Women,  addresses her thoughts on hearing Trump speak so negatively towards women. 626 more words