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I am a Donkey!

In my annual watching of Gone With The Wind, something stood out to me that I have heard, and read, dozens of times but never hit me until this time! 627 more words

Underrated Artist: Thomas Rhett

I think I am going to start doing anĀ Underrated Artist of the Week. This is where I will feature artists who, in my opinion, should be getting a little more credit and fame than they are. 398 more words


Bath Time Similarities

So last night, Mike and I were giving Rhett and bath, and he looked super cute. So naturally, I snapped some pictures and sent them to Kay. 32 more words


Rhett and I Are Google Slaves

My husband always talks about how I’m a Google slave. It’s true. I refuse to switch to iPhones because I don’t know what I’d do without my Google sync. 80 more words



HUNTER. Why didn’t you tell me what these pinger things were for? I can hold things!

PS, what’s the deal with crinkle books?