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You saw my dirt

You saw my flaws

Amidst the stain

That wrap your paws

Pointing it out

In disguise of my

Own so-called benefit… 58 more words

The P-word

Fractures - TN2014

Fractures Description
1) Integrity of skin / soft tissue
  • Closed: skin / soft tissue over and near fracture is intact
  • Open: skin / soft tissue over & near # is lacerated or abraded, # exposed to outside environment …
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Neck Pain - AFP 2013

Approach to Neck Pain
  1. Acute <6wk
    • most common: “locked” after quickly rotating the neck is typical of acute torticollis or the “wry neck” phenomenon
  2. Sub-acute: 6 weeks to 6 months …
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Sharing the Journey

Love comes in many forms, but today, in this blog, I am not going to write about traditional love of a spouse, a lover or a child. 507 more words

Low Back Pain - McMaster2009

Low Back Pain

  • Acute <6wk, subacute 6-12wk, chronic >12wk
  • Lifetime prevalence: 90% & 90% resolved in 6wk, <5% become chronic
  • Peak prevalence: 45-60yo
  • Most common cause of chronic disability in <45yo…
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An Introduction

For this initial post I will give a brief background on Psoriatic Arthritis, my diagnosis, and how it has change my original “Life Plan” from before I was diagnosed until post-diagnosis.   772 more words


biphasic allergic reactions...

…are RARE.

via this recent ACEP Now article by Dr. Milne


data from 2 urban ED’s over 5 yrs

~2300 allergic reactions + ~500 anaphylaxis cases… 75 more words