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RA & I are in a relationship!

I realised I’d posted an oddly worded comment in a group yesterday, saying “I’ve been with RA for about ten months”. I read it back and almost laughed, because it read like we were in a relationship. 524 more words


Walking the Maze

Today I had some news that left me for a while feeling almost enraged. I wanted to scream, shout, punch something, shout at the world and tear down walls. 385 more words


Fighting talk!

I’ve actually been pondering this post for a few weeks, and just couldn’t think how to start it without sounding like I’ve got a severe case of sour grapes.  563 more words


On Living with Acute Chronic Pain: Please Don't Treat Me Like a Drug Addict!


This is a look into the chronic pain and sadness of RA told by blogger and author Kate Mitchell.

It’s 9:41 on a Wednesday and I have been trying to sleep for almost 2 hours. 498 more words


Time for music...

Have had a slight hiccup in my treatment for RA this week, which is frustrating and slightly depressing.

To cut a long story short I have regular bloods because the chemotherapy med (methotrexate) I’m taking is known to sometimes cause liver damage.  518 more words


Admitting The Inevitable: When Medications No Longer Work

Guest post by Leslie Rott.

During the #ChronicLife experiment, in which I live tweeted for 48 hours, I announced that my current medication regimen, the one I’ve been on the longest ever, is… 947 more words


Poem - This Woman

She stops; this woman, and looks around.
This point, this now, this girl, who’s she? Is she really where she was meant to be?

Never her aim, this winding path, with hills to climb and stones so sharp. 196 more words