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Healing begins with Love 💙

I’ve been pondering for a few weeks where to start with this blog post.  I know what I want to say, I’m just hopeful it comes across as I mean it to! 427 more words


10 Tips to Feel In Control With RA

In honor of Rheumatoid Awareness Day on Feb. 2, we asked our friend and RA blogger Annette McKinnon to share how she took control of her life despite RA. 809 more words


Spreading Awareness & Educating Clueless People About Rheumatoid Arthritis

In honor of Rheumatoid Awareness Day on Feb. 2, we asked our friend and RA blogger Leslie Rott to share how she responds to comments from people who don’t understand. 890 more words


All change.... & cats!

Sometimes fatigue hits me hard for a few days, this last weekend has been one of them. I’ve slept like it’s going out of fashion since Friday, guessing it’s finally passing as I’m writing this at 5am! 445 more words


Five Things I have Learned #RABlog Week Day 4

1. I have learned that I am stronger than I Give myself credit for sometimes why because we have no choice but to be strong in certain situations but we also know there’s support groups we go to when we struggle too. 226 more words

Chronic Illness Invisible Illness

Five things I have learned.. #RAblog week #4

Today’s #RABlog week prompt is as follows…

Five things I have learned – write about the five things you have learned about yourself, or RA. Perhaps you have learned what things like physical pain, injections, or morning fatigue are like?

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Explain Your RA.. #RABlog week #3

Day 3 of RAblog week, our prompt is…

Explain your RA – perhaps you want to tell someone else, (doctor, sibling, child) pick a person and decide what to tell them.

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