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Fractures - TN2014

Fractures Description
1) Integrity of skin / soft tissue
  • Closed: skin / soft tissue over and near fracture is intact
  • Open: skin / soft tissue over & near # is lacerated or abraded, # exposed to outside environment …
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Neck Pain - AFP 2013

Approach to Neck Pain
  1. Acute <6wk
    • most common: “locked” after quickly rotating the neck is typical of acute torticollis or the “wry neck” phenomenon
  2. Sub-acute: 6 weeks to 6 months …
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Sharing the Journey

Love comes in many forms, but today, in this blog, I am not going to write about traditional love of a spouse, a lover or a child. 507 more words

Low Back Pain - McMaster2009

Low Back Pain

  • Acute <6wk, subacute 6-12wk, chronic >12wk
  • Lifetime prevalence: 90% & 90% resolved in 6wk, <5% become chronic
  • Peak prevalence: 45-60yo
  • Most common cause of chronic disability in <45yo…
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An Introduction

For this initial post I will give a brief background on Psoriatic Arthritis, my diagnosis, and how it has change my original “Life Plan” from before I was diagnosed until post-diagnosis.   772 more words


biphasic allergic reactions...

…are RARE.

via this recent ACEP Now article by Dr. Milne


data from 2 urban ED’s over 5 yrs

~2300 allergic reactions + ~500 anaphylaxis cases… 75 more words


My first real memories of how this began is running around the waiting room whilst somebody tried to jab me with the sharpest needle ever known to man. 204 more words