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It's not that bad.

Actually, it is.

I’m still not sure if life is making it up for me when I have a good day or am I the one making it up for life when I go through these horrible nights. 241 more words

Thank You

Grumpy Baby

You can feel it coming on, like a storm on the horizon – there’s a charge stirring in the air, a tingling pressure percolating, a sticky warmth coating the body like melted chocolate oozing from a fountain. 423 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

Autumn leaves

After a lot of bad days, and a truly epic cry, I feel a little lighter.  Sure, things are tough, but my family has my back this time, and their support is something I am truly grateful for. 110 more words

RA & I are in a relationship II

Just over a year I posted a slightly tongue in cheek blog on this topic, and it occurred to me today when I saw this couples quiz that it would be a nice follow up as well as a very fitting tribute to our continued commitment to each other! 671 more words


Hands... I only get two, so back off

There comes a time in everyone’s chronic pain journey where they’ve had enough of something. It may be that they are sick of the lower back pain that tortures them daily, or the migraines, or knee swelling. 605 more words

The Journey

Know These 5 Early Signs of Arthritis

There are many people who have this perception that arthritis can only be a problem with the old age. But that is a misconception as this painful condition can practically attack people from any age group. 492 more words

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