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RA & I are in a relationship!

I realised I’d posted an oddly worded comment in a group yesterday, saying “I’ve been with RA for about ten months”. I read it back and almost laughed, because it read like we were in a relationship. 524 more words


RA - Has Rheumatoid Arthritis Stopped You and Taken Away - Slowed Down Your Dreams

The Reality Is:  I’m sure before we were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis we all had our dreams. Some of becoming a basketball player, doctor, college student, business owner, musician, nurse or to be a stay at home mom or dad or it could have been any number of things.  525 more words


Pressing the Reset Button

Now and again, there comes a time when we just need to take a breather and hit the reset button on life. Frustrations mount, stresses build, and complications twist everything into a knotted, tangled mess. 477 more words


The Start Of My Blogs

So I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile but never thought I’d actually do it but here I am! I really wanted to start it to connect with others! 89 more words

New Mom

Traveling, Part Two: Packing

(This isn’t really a formal part two, but I did discuss traveling here.)

My husband and I went away for the weekend. As I was packing, I realized how much I now take with me, in comparison to before I was ill. 272 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA - Dealing With Rheumatoid Arthritis Do - You Cry About The Pain And Hide Your Tears

With rheumatoid arthritis Pain is one of the most notable things that goes with this disease.  Sometimes it can be mild and sometimes it’s really bad.  456 more words