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The days grow near to union

Yet my soul still cries out

to my babies

sand between their toes

bean toots and posso

thorns, berries… 36 more words

Rhino Camp


I don’t have to agree

But what is this response that isn’t me ?




That’s not me

Cast it off

Break the agreements… 17 more words

Rhino Camp


A week gone by and still it grips me

with talons of wrath, misdirected at the only ones willing to turn all upside down.

I reject guilt, but mourn the possibility of burning a bridge to my frist babies to live. 22 more words

Rhino Camp


Oh sweet reunion

But my faith is low

How to talk about

What could tear us apart ?

I’m home times two

Thank you, finally.

Whoever you are.

Rhino Camp


“How did you know ?”

I ponder the question, rolling it around in my hand like I do Posso to cool it down.

How do I know ? 81 more words

Rhino Camp


Another day

There’s always something special

I suppose the breath in my lungs is it today

That and the warm showers

While short lived

They are nonetheless invigorating… 16 more words

Rhino Camp


All work and no play

I don’t remember the end

But I remember it was boring

Pool and fish and chips and sun

A little bit of whiskey to get the job done… 35 more words

Rhino Camp