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Stop the Madness

Just simply put “Stop the Madness”.

Heartless Poachers attack Rhino Orphange. Rhinos killed. Staff Beaten. #StoptheMadness

I’m not sure that the title needs a long explanation into what the article is about. 58 more words

Interesting Topics

rhonda did a rhumba

rhonda did a rhumba

it was rhythmic

it was raw

impressive for a rhino

who had not rhumba-ed before

she crushed the rhododendrons

she destroyed the rhubarb too… 66 more words

Poem; Poetry

Rhinoceros Resource Pack

We looked at this post-WWII play called Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros is a play written by Eugène Ionesco,  a Romanian-French playwright, that explores the reaction of a community to humans turning into rhinoceroses. 188 more words

Day 49: No more palm oil! (Part 3)

Palm oil is bad news, and now you know where to find it.  Part 3 takes a look at how you can face the tricky task of substituting palm oil-ladden products for ones that are sustainable, therefore promoting the well-being of orangutans, tigers, and rhinoceros. 494 more words

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge

The Robot Zoo: A Must-See Exhibition

The reaching-for-the-moon aim of any natural history exhibition is to get the perfect combination of knock-your-socks-off-fun and wow-I-didn’t-know-that-informative, for both children and adults, because (obviously) that attracts the biggest crowd. 690 more words


The River

“The River” at the Evergreen Brickworks explores the relationship between the Don River and the surrounding environment. Data from the Don River has been adapted to show the accurate flood conditions at the human scale. 116 more words


Drones and the Future of Conservation

The continued ivory trade sees no end in sight leaving rhinoceros, hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, and most commonly, African and Asian elephants dead or slowly on the way to extinction. 522 more words