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One-Horned Rhino

Apart from tea, if there is anything else that characterises Assam as much, it has to be the one-horned rhinocerous, called ‘gaur’ by the locals. People from all across the globe throng Assam’s national parks like Kaziranga and Pobitora to sight this majestic beast. 318 more words


Technologies That May Save Rhinos from Poachers

The illegal wildlife trade, which brings in an estimated $19 billion annually worldwide, has claimed the lives of almost 6000 African rhinos since 2008, with 1175 of those killed just within South Africa, figures which have accelerated each year as demand for the horns increases steadily. 468 more words

Turned to Ashes - Kenya’s Largest Ivory Burn (Highlights 2016)

Eleven giant pyres of tusks (more than 8000 elephants), rhino horn (from 300 rhinos), illegal hides of wild animals and illegally logged timber were… 524 more words


Friday Foto Talk: Visualization, Part I

I want to follow-up on last Friday’s post on Pre-visualization. This is Part I and next Friday I’ll conclude with Part II.  I strongly believe that most of our best pictures are captured when we are in the right frame of mind, and a big part of that is visualization.   970 more words

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