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OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE – An Update on Anti-IgE Therapy in Pediatric Respiratory Diseases – Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews

Journal: Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews


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Anti-IgE treatment represents a major breakthrough in the therapeutic management of severe allergic asthma. Omalizumab is the unique biologic treatment registered for asthma therapy in children. 92 more words

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Sinusitis: Frequently Asked Questions

Facial pressure? Nasal congestion and drainage? A cold that won’t go away? If these symptoms describe you, you may have sinusitis, an inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. 668 more words

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have chronic sinusitis?

Do you have chronic sinusitis?  Does your nose drip all the time?  Do you have

  • Facial pain/pressure,
  • decreased or inability to smell,
  • nasal drainage, and…
  • 151 more words
Dr. Leslie Greenberg

Sweet taste receptors can help body fight off sinus infections

sweet taste receptors

Bitter taste receptors in the upper airway are a first line of defense against sinus infections. Their ability to kill harmful toxins and pathogens when the sweet taste receptors stimulated. 345 more words