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Hunger Is Still a Huge Problem in America. Who is Funding to Promote Food Security? - Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence - Inside Philanthropy

While many families are buying all the extra fixings to make Thanksgiving dinner special, 79 percent of low-income households in Feeding America’s client base report “purchasing the cheapest food available, even if they knew it wasn’t the healthiest option, in an effort to provide enough food for their household.” We also know from Feeding America’s report, Hunger in America 2014, that food insecurity has been on the rise since the Great Recession: one in seven Americans rely on food banks to see them through. 169 more words

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Criminal Justice Reform Is Gaining Steam. What Role Has Philanthropy Played? - Inside Philanthropy

Criminal justice reform is one area of philanthropy that’s been rapidly gaining steam. A number of top foundations want to see what can be done to bring down incarceration rates, and are putting up capital in a variety of ways to work on the problem.The Fall issue of Responsive Philanthropy, recently published by NCRP, takes a deep dive into the new funding for criminal justice reform, which—as Aaron Dorfman writes—cuts across a breadth of work now under way to change “policing, prosecution policies, reentry opportunities and more.” 18 more words

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Owners of ‘The Conjuring’ house sue Warner Bros.

HARRISVILLE, R.I. — The owners of a Rhode Island farmhouse featured in the 2013 horror film “The Conjuring” are suing Warner Bros., claiming the film has left them with no privacy. 168 more words