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Rhode Island voted to reject the new US Constitution on March 24, 1788. In a direct voter referendum, citizens votedĀ  237 – 2,708 against.

Rhode Island issued paper currency during the years of the Articles of Confederation and was concerned it would suffer if a new Congress nationalized the currency. 33 more words


106 years and counting in business, with over 10 generations right here in Providence, Rhode Island Goodwin-Bradley Pattern Please like and share #RhodeislandBuzz

Goodwin Bradley Pattern co.
This is our new 2018 video, it will give you a little view of what goes on at Goodwin-Bradley Pattern Co. We are Celebrating 106 years of being in Business. 20 more words


Kindergarten admissions in RI. Need advice

Sorry if this post comes across as a rant but I will try to explain the whole thing as rationally as possible.

Earlier in January I applied for Blackstone valley prep (BVP) for my kid for a place in Kindergarten. 332 more words


Style Week 2018

Style Week is a fashion show held in the capital of my home state, Providence, Rhode Island. There are so many talented people involved in pulling off a show like this. 828 more words


The owners that took over Retro Fitness under a new name billing people despite saying all billing would cease.

Nothing shocking, I suppose, especially bit for gyms. Just alerting you all in case you or someone you know used to be a member of retro fitness. 174 more words


Job Seekers: Avoid Innox, It's Basically A Scam (x-post r/Massachusetts)

Almost everyone in RI is familiar with the door-to-door energy provider scam orchestrated by Inspire Energy.

But who is hiring these people? It turns out all of their hiring is done by a company called… 115 more words