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Democracy started the challenges which are facing Xhosa Culture today

The trust and respect on cultures is not the same as it used to be before democracy. The system of democracy allowed so many laws which are hindering the purpose and the aim of these cultures. 540 more words

Are Your Voices Being Heard?

In recent years there has been a national focus on student protests at different universities across the country. Every aspect of the protests are dissected and criticised until the cause they are fighting for is lost somewhere in the conversations. 823 more words

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Is Rhodes University Multilingual?

A lot of my friends are writers, and almost half of them take Journalism and Media studies at Rhodes University (RU). I have come to learn that most of them enjoy writing in their mother tongue, isiXhosa, instead of English. 621 more words

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For at Risk, Discover the fortune that lies in our town!

Grahamstown, home to Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape which is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. In Grahamstown, it is estimated that there live about 100 000 people and half of those people are unemployed, so Rhodes University initiated the community engagement to give out opportunities that will positively contribute to the development of this town. 499 more words

The biggest fear on campus- South African university students speak out

By Amey Meyer

It seems as if South African-based university students have one main fear when it comes to incidents of campus violence: student protests. Students from universities all around South Africa claim that they fear student violence and police brutality during protests far more than they fear other forms of campus violence. 508 more words

Rhodes University Trading Live for Nelson Mandela

Trading Live for Mandela Day is an annual Rhodes University institutional event that takes place in the month of July as part of the international Nelson Mandela Day. 606 more words

Yes, dimpleplasty is the latest plastic surgery trend

Meet Nicole Joka. She is an extroverted Rhodes University student with a zest for life. She is a dancer, part-time musician and performer. An avid traveller, the big city young woman is a natural born socialite and she has seen everything. 592 more words