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The culture that comes with ‘Kaifonomics’ – white supremacist classism teleported

“People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.” – James Baldwin

A friend of mine once asked if I partook in a popular pastime for students at the University currently known as ‘Rhodes’ called ‘Kaifonomics’. 427 more words


The blame game: classism and inequality in tertiary education

Trigger warning: This blog post addresses classism and *extensively* quotes classist/ anti-poor sentiments. Also, there’s some reference to the #RUreferencelist protests later.

The national shutdown in the #FeesMustFall movement was significant in that, amongst other things, it displayed the potential for students to band together for an important cause. 1,613 more words


Two university improv groups from opposite ends of the earth 

The festival full of festivities in Grahamstown has come to an end, some are happy and some are sad (although those disgruntled by the ‘traffic’ in the tiny town may be disappointed that the School’s Festival is just kicking off). 409 more words


Student voices dominate hashtag protest discussion

Bringing together people from different backgrounds to discuss the student protests and hashtag movements is never easy. Yet students are taking the lead, and taking to task problematic responses in the process. 1,658 more words


After disruption, we need conversation

Controversial media creates controversial and often differing responses. We’ve seen this with the media coverage of the South African student protests during the past year. Following a public screening of DISRUPT, two reporters share their perspectives on the documentary about the rape culture at the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR). 742 more words


Chapter 9


Siyabulela barges into Nokukhanya’s room.

“Friend we have to go to Cape Town!”

Siyabulela was always leaving what she called the sleepy town to go on holidays paid by men that the rest of the girls never saw.

1,017 more words

We're only African when it suits us

What is it to be the modern-aged African? I find that we are caught in this imbalance of trying to represent our cultures but having no idea where we actually come from. 829 more words

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