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Addressing Rape-Culture

Rhodes University students disrupted Dr Mabizela’s address during the HeAIDS dialogue in August 2016



Through the looking glass: Siya Nyulu on Student Protests

Understanding why most South Africans were opposed to the student protests that sprouted up regionally, quickly built momentum nationally and then continued to run rampage for months is simple enough- buildings worth millions lay simmering and reduced to uselessness, on-going clashes between student protesters and police, destruction by means of stone pelting and brick throwing, and not to mention, the months of academic progress delayed and hindered-it’s hardly an ideal situation. 853 more words


@OSISA 2017 Women in Media Applications open!

Five years ago today, I opened my wordpress account. It was only a few months later I got over my fear of the depth required to blog. 648 more words


Vermiculture at Rhodes

Clang! You slam your plastic tray with the half-eaten remainders of Braised-Tenderised into the holder and leave the dining hall without a backward glance.

What is left on your plate is no longer your concern and how it will be discarded isn’t either. 533 more words


Confronting poverty in Grahamstown

It never fails. The minute you walk out of the shops with several carrier bags in hand and pass a beggar who stares at you, you cannot help but feel guilty. 841 more words

UCKAR #Fees2017 Arrests

Midday on Wednesday, 28 September, students were arrested at the University Currently Known As Rhodes. This video shows the events that took place surrounding the arrests. 6 more words