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Highway Africa 2015 Ends

The start of September means that one of Africa’s biggest media and ICT conferences finishes again. Highway Africa has as of 2015 been running for nineteen years and for most of that time it has taken place at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. 266 more words


Jacob Dlamini: a moment of insight.

By Nadim Nyker

On the day Jacob Dlamini had to interview Eugene de Kock, he armed himself with a two hundred dollar pen which could also be used as a recorder and a hi-tech notepad that would transcribe his writing. 448 more words

I'm a writer that doesn't read

As someone who has written more than 50 poems and a few short stories I actually feel guilty for not having read as many books as I should have. 420 more words


Jacob Dlamini taught me perseverance

When Jacob Dlamini came to talk to my writing and editing class, I can tell you I was not all that interested. Sure he is an acclaimed author of… 585 more words


Priorities – why are some people’s priorities so messed up?

Once again my life experiences have woken me up in this force from within me that could probably be seen from many angles: 1) Passion, 2) Anger, 3) Hate, 4) Fear, 5) Conviction, 6) Insult, 7) Holy Spirit… and whatever other emotion / force that people assign to the burning ache that happens in one’s chest that shouts: “You just have to stand up for this”… it seems most of my blogs are “sourced” from “that” place. 1,214 more words

Are formal dinners outdated?

A remarkable number of Rhodes University students in residence do not attend their dining halls’ formal dinners, bringing in to question what they are for:

A discussion of protests and transformation

The Black Lawyers’ Association recently held an event aimed at evaluating the terminology used when referring to protests and exploring issues of transformation and what the law has to say. 532 more words


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Some interesting points emerged at an event I attended recently. I wrote this for Embizweni, but thought I'd share it here too.