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It's Time to Rethink Segregation

Well we certainly gave it the old college try.  We allowed a kajillion programs  while we had none.

In fact we are the ONLY ethnic group that it is not legal to have a group promoting our ethnic interests. 655 more words

South African and Rhodesian Military Books for Sale

The following books are available at present, the price does not include shipping. The cost of courier 24 hours service within South African boarders is R100.00 The photograph is of the actual book for sale, not just a pic taken from the net. 165 more words

Mexican Horse Thief

Ronald Taylor RAF 1942 War Diary


Ronald Taylor
36 Bolton Road
Port Sunlight

14 ½ collar – 6 7/8 hat – 6 ½ shoe

In this 1942 diary 19 year old AC2 Pilot Cadet Ronald is in Southern… 11,348 more words

Book Review | Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga

Imagine a society where the only way a woman will be able to get an education is if her older brother, who was going to school himself, died, and since she’s the oldest of the family, now she has to go to school in his place. 369 more words



Number Thirty.

It occurred to me that maybe I should put in the titles/band names…? Idk. It seemed like a sensible idea.

The Ballad of The Red Flame Lilly… 576 more words

2nd December 1966. From Prosperity to Anarchy.

In the 19thc scramble for Empire our oldest ally Portugal, since the Perpetual Alliance of 1376, was ‘warned-off’ areas coveted by Britain on the so-called ‘Pink-Map’. 560 more words


Zimbabwe's Descent Into Anarchy (2007) - a.k.a. "How's that white progressive self-righteousness & moral superiority feeling for ya' now?"

Inside a Failed State (2007): Zimbabwe, once one of the most prosperous nations in Africa, now has the lowest life expectancy and highest inflation rate in the world. 169 more words

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