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Heartless Zimbabweans Don't Care About Cecil The Lion

It has always been my position that killing animals that are handsome, adorable, or elegant is morally wrong. The only animals that should be killed are ones that are mildly annoying like flies or delicious like wherever hamburgers come from. 439 more words


Who's Really Responsible for the Killing of Zimbabwe's Lions and Other Wildlife?

Earlier this month, a 55-year-old American dentist named Walter Palmer went on a safari holiday in western Zimbabwe, where, over a 40-hour period, he maimed, cautiously tracked, and finally killed a lion. 796 more words

Rugby Forward

It’s the 1980s and Crispin St. Peters croons, you were on my mind. I love the song even though it’s decades out of date.

We are in Harare, Zimbabwe, what used to be Salisbury, Rhodesia. 709 more words


Places called Botany Bay

A question that’s recently troubled the little history group I am involved with.

One of our members noticed on the 1861 Census for Ilkeston (Derbyshire) a place referred to as Botany Bay. 165 more words



It seems that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has recently had a change of heart. Parting from his usual #KillWhitey rhetoric, Mugabe is begging asking White farmers to return to their farms in Zimbabwe. 125 more words