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Into The Cannibal's Pot (Ilana Mercer)

If you are a typical brainwashed liberal don’t read this. Because your CNN/Hollywood/To Kill A Mockingbird/Kumbaya view of the world will be shaken and severely stirred. 530 more words


Of The Freedom Fighter's Diary 

Genre: Historical Fiction


This Diary is a gift to Joshua Levi on day of his deliverance witnessed by Church and God on this 8th Sunday of January the year of our Lord 1889… 1,199 more words

This And That

An Interloper in the Bush

Main Camp, in retrospect, was a place where I learned many things and unlearned many others. In Main Camp I was given a puppy, a Doberman bitch. 608 more words

White on White


“White on white lace on satin”, I hummed along with Danny Williams dreaming of my wedding day as I put the finishing touches to the nightdress I was making for my trousseaux. 721 more words


How a Diaspora may happen

This blog takes me back to when I researched and wrote my Honours dissertation. I have reworked the introduction to make it relevant for the blog. 525 more words

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It's Time to Rethink Segregation

Well we certainly gave it the old college try.  We allowed a kajillion programs  while we had none.

In fact we are the ONLY ethnic group that it is not legal to have a group promoting our ethnic interests. 655 more words

South African and Rhodesian Military Books for Sale

The following books are available at present, the price does not include shipping. The cost of courier 24 hours service within South African boarders is R100.00 The photograph is of the actual book for sale, not just a pic taken from the net. 165 more words

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