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I'm A Rock Star!

Don’t worry; it’s safe to stick around – I promise not to sing.  I wouldn’t do that to you.  Hell, I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy. 529 more words

Diane Henders

Sold A Photo Licence

Sold my Rhododendron picture licence yet again on EyeEm it’s my most popular picture on there I think

Here is a link to the Google image search… 11 more words

Every Day Stuff

West Virginia Wednesdays -- Blackwater Falls State Park

I wanted to share some of the experiences I had on my research trip to West Virginia.

My family and I stayed in a cabin at… 286 more words

West Virginia


Rhododendrons, from the Greek for rose tree, are a highly invasive species which is not native in the UK.  It is poisonous and it destroys habitats for native wildlife and competes with native plants.   320 more words


Mt Congreve gardens in July I

Mount Congreve is usually a tranquil place, but not today as hundreds of young treasure hunters and their families have gathered here for an action-packed event. 324 more words


Day 2: My Little Helper

It’s seemed like summer’s been going on for weeks already. It’s been two days.

Wes has wanted to help. Lots. With everything. Even choosing my clothes (an offer I declined) in return for me being his ‘loyal lego servant’ and finding all the pieces. 349 more words