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For you, from my garden

You could be forgiven, when looking at these photos, if you think I must have a beautiful garden.  I don’t!  It’s a jungle, really … but it’s amazing what a deceptive web I can weave with a little bit of close-up photography, which maximises the marvellous and minimises the messy! 292 more words

Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Mountain Ash

The National Rhododendron Gardens are situated in the lovely township of Olinda which nestles in the centre of the Dandenong Ranges. Managed by Parks Victoria, these 104 acres of gardens are a magnificent colour palette of rhododendrons, azaleas, camillias and  many other floral wonders set amongst stands of mighty Mountain Ash. 27 more words

Happy 100th Anniversary National Park Service!

Celebrating our National Park Service’s 100th anniversary this year, the hubs and I spent much of our summer vacation visiting some of North Carolina’s most beautiful parks like  174 more words

From Plant Origins to Club Growing Challenges

We had a very successful July meeting when Helen Warrington gave us a fascinating talk on the origins of plants, taking us from post ice age Britain when there were very few, (but amazingly did include Rhododendron ponticum which subsequently died out but was then reintroduced in the 17th Century!) through to modern times with a virtually unlimited number. 280 more words

Recalling Rhododendrons

रोढोडेन्ड्रॉन (rodhodendrons ) किंवा रोडीस हि फुलं मी भारतात कधी हि पहिली नव्हती. पण इंटरनेट वरून ही हिमाचल प्रदेश आणि त्याहून उत्तरे कडे,  आणि उत्तर – पूर्व राज्यात होत असावी असे कळले. 24 more words