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via Daily Prompt: Irksome



Irritating; annoying.

A few years ago, “irk” was a pretty popular word to use. For example, “That irked my nerves.” Pretty, pretty popular… I even said it a lot. 341 more words


Dark Cloud

I was so interested in that cloud and didn’t notice all of the great aspects of the scenery.

I’ve also noticed that I take a lot of photos of the sky. 22 more words



Over a month ago I hung out with two of my closest friends. I hadn’t seen or been around them for a while. I had a great time that day and I also felt great.




little rhody. 


I love Rhode Island.  A quick two day trip this time was jam packed with every bit of Rhody Goodness.  Lunch at Garden Grille… 36 more words

Fell Off

Sometimes when you fall off, you fall off hard. That’s what happened to me. I haven’t posted anything on here for a whileeeeeeee. I also hadn’t uploaded anything on my Youtube channel for about a month as well. 158 more words


Fleeting beauty....

“I try desperately to conquer the transitory nature of my existence, to trap moments before they evenesce, to untangle the confusion of my past. Every instant disappears in a breath and immediately becomes the past; reality is ephemeral and changing, pure longing.” Isabel Allende