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Sarin learns Perimeter, Area and Volume in school part 114 (Math Question)

The blog postings are about the Singapore Math. The readers can learn from the postings about Solving Singapore Primary School Mathematics. The blog presents the Math Concept, the Math Questions with solutions that teaches in Singapore Primary Schools. 212 more words

Singapore Math


Shapes (It is fun to teach shapes in December.)

Help children recognize the shapes “square, triangle, rhombus” and give them exposure to the written shape words. 273 more words


A Forgotten Mandala, from 2010

Someone found this, and “liked” it, in my old Facebook pictures. I had forgotten all about it, until this happened. It is a mandala, made of rhombi, with nine-fold symmetry, made in 2010 with… 10 more words



October 23 – 296.

JavaView – A Rhomb – Icosi – Dodeca – Hedron.The rhombicosidodecahedron is an Archimedean solid centered on a vertex, two types of edges, and three types of faces (triangles, squares, and pentagons). 57 more words

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