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Placeholder Cats

I have various sets of photos edited to put in posts and keep forgetting the actual posting part.  As it’s quite late and I need to clean litterboxes before I go to bed, they’ll have to continue to wait, but here are a few standalone cat pics so I don’t entirely forget how to do this. 59 more words


L1916: Can You Do Division? by Rhombus

I’d like to claim that it’s taken me 50 years to solve this one, following some music-induced haze that had resulted from listening to the 1967 releases of Sgt. 752 more words

Solving Blogs

The Week In Games: Into The Night

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Nintendo Switch is less than two weeks away, but meanwhile here’s a bunch of games that aren’t Breath of the Wild. 256 more words


Zonohedrified Rhombicosidodecahedron with 870 Rhombic Faces

Manipulating known polyhedra in the effort to find new ones, as I did here, is made easy with Stella 4d, a program available at this website.


More On The Diamond/Rhombus #ShapeAdventure

So some of you may already know that I am a big SyFy or sci-fi junkie. I love all things out of the ordinary and specifically, magical. 158 more words


Join The Diamond/Rhombus #ShapeAdventure

For the month of January, we will adventure out and find diamond shapes everywhere. If you are not familiar with this challenge, please visit my first post about it  112 more words