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Stop Lying to Children: A Story of Diamonds

I have been conflicted lately about a word that seems to have no defintion (in the mathematical world, at least) but, like the oval, is a widely acceptable shape. 512 more words


What are the proportions of the areas of the rhombuses?

A circle is divided into twelve equal arcs, and the points of division are joined as shown here:

What are the proportions of the areas of the rhombuses formed ? 21 more words

Number Puzzles

Rhombus - 'Here Be Dragons'

Rhombus have come to be one of modern Goth’s most respected bands: 2010′s ‘Open The Sky’ marked a quantum leap forward in terms of sound and song craft, so dramatic a leap in fact, that I could see them hurtling headlong up a stylistic cul de sac. 455 more words

Mark Hagen at Marlborough Chelsea

The exhibition titled “Black Hole” at Marlborough Chelsea is a solo show of new work by Mark Hagen. In the back gallery there is a series of paintings based on rhombi. 216 more words

Math Art

Fifty Pounds of Cat

Today we took CMY and Rhombus to the vet.  They’re siblings, and it shows.  They have similar coloring, especially in the face, and they’re…large.  Rhombus is a bit over 27 pounds and CMY is a few ounces over 23.  179 more words


Starring Shapes written and illustrated by Tania Howells

Starring Shapes by Canadian author and illustrator Tania Howells, features personified shapes representing various every day items in comic form (with faces) such as a stamp, a yield sign, the moon, a kite, a calculator. 244 more words

Picture Book

Geom: March 8th

Today was RHOMBUS Day as well as International Women’s Day. So below you can find the notes done in class as well as some cute memes I found. 10 more words