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A Rhombic Cage

This cage is made of 36 identical rhombi, and has six openings. I made it with Stella 4d, a program available at this website.


Class 8: Chapter 31 – Quadrilaterals (Lecture Notes II)

Types of Quadrilaterals

Definition: Parallelogram is a quadrilateral where both pairs of the opposite sides are parallel to each other.

In the figure shown, AB || DC and AD || BC. 439 more words

Class 8

Back Home

Home from Australia with over 500 photos, and that’s just what’s on my phone, not the ones spouse took with the big camera.  I tried to write some posts while I was away, but generally didn’t have the connection for it except on my phone (which was still too slow to do anything with pictures), and I don’t really like writing on that.  219 more words


A rectangle question

If you take any rectangle, and take the midpoint of each side, and connect them in order, the result is a rhombus (quadrilateral with four equal sides). 112 more words

Math Education

Four-corner Square in a round Globe


When water is clean, it’s as clear as glass,

So what happens when lots of tiny feet,

When lots and lots of big, big feet… 105 more words

Kitty Pix

I really needed to see some kitty pictures today.  And I thought, I have some of those!

This is possibly the best kitty yinyang I have ever photographed.  62 more words


Wide-Eyed Y

CMY’s first visit to the catio.  I had to carry her there, as she probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  Once inside, she climbed around and sniffed, fairly calmly. 20 more words