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How Gratitude and Positivity Transformed My Life

At the end of last year, I told M we shouldn’t be friends and as the clock struck midnight into the new year, I kindly and quietly asked the universe for a better year. 638 more words


Where I am pt 2

I’m wary of how much I choose to share on this space. I know my posts have been so abstract recently, pertaining to particular individuals, lots of inside references, charming linguistic embellishment and shards of the deepest parts of loose thought (I’m doing it again, aren’t I? 1,093 more words


Book Haul: February 2017

February is going to be an excellent reading month!  Here are a few I’ve picked up:

A great book to read from an African-American writer in honor of Black History Month. 395 more words

Book Blog

The Secret (2006)

This is the same movie which was later turned into the so called ‘life-changing’ book by Rhonda Byrne. The book was a massive hit and it continued to be on the top of the non-fiction best sellers for years. 161 more words


The Week • The Good Things

Weekend mornings, I bloomin’ love them.

These weekly posts have quickly become my favourite to write. In an online world where everything is so filtered and edited, it’s my chance to get real with you – a quick debrief of how my week has been before cherry-picking the highlights. 318 more words


And Just Like Magic, I Felt Better Again

Still riding off the high of having my eyebrows threaded (and a few other things), I started this week in the best mood I’ve felt this month. 440 more words


Not a Secret: I Didn't Like This Book [The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

If this had been my own book, this would have been thrown against the wall so many times. But alas, it was my boyfriend’s, and he liked it a lot and lent it to me, so I couldn’t do that. 215 more words