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Coping mechanisms for the bad times 

I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now, and I’ve decided now is the time. I’m relatively relaxed. Candles are lit, my daughter is fast asleep after spending the day with her father, and I have a glass of wine in my hand to enjoy it rather than take the edge away whilst I watch orange is the new black. 2,084 more words


The Secret to Life

Books are an impressive art form. They can take you on a journey through a fictional world or on a journey to better yourself. Do you want to live your best life? 538 more words

5 Books to change your life OVERNIGHT.

Did that title catch your eye? Good, you really just might LOVE these books!
I was a self-professed book hater. Yep, hater. It’s a strong word and I was… 988 more words

Law Of Attraction

The Secret, a Perspective on a Book

Currently, I am reading a book titled “The Secret,” written by Rhonda Byrne. Released in 2006, I remembered hearing about it at the time. 387 more words

Self Savvy

The Magic (Reread) Review


Jadi ya, kita sudah tahu apa itu Rahasia dari buku The Secret, dan apa itu Daya dari buku The Power. Kata kedua buku itu, kalau kita bisa memakai Rahasia dan Daya di dalam hidup, maka kehidupan kita akan berubah menjadi menakjubkan, #eaaaa. 777 more words


The Power (Reread) Review


Lagi demen baca ulang buku-buku The Secret ^_^

Saya cukup heran saat melihat rating yang dulu saya berikan saat membaca buku The Power untuk pertama kalinya. 560 more words


4 Powerful Ways to Self Renewal

No matter at what stage of life you are, you could do with some improvement or shaking up. For those of you content with the way things are in your life now, pay heed to the ways you can keep the status quo. 499 more words