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Rhubarb, Rhubarb

It’s raining this morning. I know the allotment and garden need it, but I had plans to get outside and enjoy the fine weather that we have been experiencing. 329 more words

Rhubarb Crumble

On Monday for Home Economics we cooked rhubarb pie. It tasted lovely but it was a bit to sweet for my liking. It took to the end of class to make them but we could not take it until break time. 53 more words

Blackberry and rhubarb crumble in pictures

On Sunday my mum made us all an amazing roast dinner – chicken being the meat of choice – and I followed it up with a blackberry and rhubarb crumble. 175 more words


Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb crumble reminds me of the time I spend in the kitchen with my mother baking traditional Danish recipes. In Denmark “afternoon coffee” is a must and Sunday’s are the most popular day to bake your favourite cakes to share with family and friends. 205 more words


Rhubarb crumble

Do you guys remember last fall? My feed was filled with apple crumble all. the. time. Seriously. But it makes sense, one of my first memories is eating my mum’s apple crumble. 581 more words


Apple + Rhubarb Crumble

Every home cook should have a recipe for a really good crumble, whether there is any passion for baking or not. Because a really good crumble is so much more than the sum of its’ simple parts. 447 more words


Just a quickie: Rhubarb Crumble

I didn’t want to go away without posting any recipes this week but I am currently waiting to board a flight to Mallorca so I will make this one quick. 234 more words