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Events in June: poetry and public art

June 7th in the evening I’ll be reading poems at Camberwell Library.

We are very pleased to present local poet Richard Watkins at #CamberwellLibrary 7 June Tickets here: …

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Look out for live performance poetry!

I’m excited to say that from the 20th – 21st May I’ll be in Southgate in Bath co-hosting and performing poetry with loads of lovely poets from Rhyme and Reason for the Bath Literary Festival. 26 more words

This moment,

This transitory position in time,

All the beauty and pain that it holds,

What boils and waits to unfold,

The thoughts that can’t fit to rhyme,

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Tread softly

As the night sky first turns pale.

Watch each star fade in heavenly flood

Watch light soak dawn like rain in the mud. 115 more words

Timely Sonnet

We trust so much to the capricious Time,

We call her wild whims the works of Fate.

We search through past to find a hint of rhyme, 100 more words

The layers of the night: scents, sounds, and thoughts

Electric tones echo ear to ear

Over upbeat music playing near

Neutralizing bouncing rhythms

Merging lyrical abstractionisms.

Clouds of coffee permeate breath

Drowning out the scent of stress… 67 more words

Status Quo

The status quo is a sculpture,

A true spectacle whose

Opulent beauty

Entices one forth to touch,

Yet strikes fear to the heart

That coming too near… 57 more words