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Yo ho, Yo ho, A Writer's Life for Me!

Well, what a whirlwind of a weekend! It’s certainly been an action packed one, that’s for sure! Where to begin?!

Yo – ho,

Well, a starter for ten would be the residential weekend at… 591 more words

Hooray for Independent Bookshops

I’ve been delirious with delight at finding another brilliant Independent bookshop-Review Bookshop in Bellenden Road, Peckham, London-which has a remarkable selection of foreign fiction in translation, eg My Documents, a collection of short stories by the Chilean writer, Alejandro Zambra, as well as books by smaller publishers like Peirene Press and Andotherstories. 190 more words

Books In English

Why you should hire Creative Writers.


So I’m just about to finish my three short years of university – (too short! I want more!) in doing a Creative Writing degree. With any luck I’ll hopefully get onto the MA course (grades depending) which I’m super excited about, but a lot of my friends will be venturing out into the big wide world, trying to get novels published and scripts performed. 642 more words


“I have lived many lives”
The wise woman said
As she hiked up her skirt
And wrapped a scarf ’round her head

“I have guided young souls,” 37 more words


Rhyme and Reason is where the excerpts I enjoy, from books I’m currently reading, come to live.

Mary Roach approaches the subject of food and what happens to it once it’s eaten with a mix of unbridled delight, ceaseless curiousity, infectious enthusiasm and a whole lot of hilarity.

611 more words

Rhyme and Reason: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Rhyme and Reason is where the excerpts I enjoy, from books I’m currently reading, come to live.

The Secret Garden has been on my to-read list for a very long time, and on my tablet since last November. 854 more words




The reason to this rhyme

In every season in time

The rhythm of proper flow

The flow confirming the know

Rhyme, the path of the same… 34 more words