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Competition is the everyman’s game

The wealthy insist on playing polo

While the poor overwork avoiding shame.

Not as simple as the troubled solo

Nor as complex as the market finance,

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Bella Terza Rima, Maybe

Bella Terza Rima, Maybe

I’m told the scheme is from romance
Something more in the poetic amore
My first time playing at this dance

Found myself needing to write today… 157 more words



Dry laughter of night trains
beneath scoliotic spines of galaxies,
and moonlight rib bone stark around the boiler,
nips the ghosts of idle machines. The chains… 156 more words


Some poetic advice for Bad Poetry Day

Poetic Perfection?

Is there truly such thing as a perfect poem? What reads like unblemished perfection to one, may not receive the same praises from another. 1,329 more words



I want to keep this simple.

I want to keep this brief.

I want to love forever.

I want to turn this leaf.

I want to run beside you. 47 more words



Your hands, they tremble

Your hands, they fumble

Your hands, they sense

Your hands feel tense

My hands assist

My hands insist

My hands, they bustle… 62 more words

Day 2

I’ve begun writing today, it’s been a pretty easy process so far. When it comes to writing I kind of have a free flow style as far as songs go. 384 more words

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