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They set off bearing glim to scour gold

And to the chase, their hearts forever sold

But shoot me if the glim of gold could fill… 174 more words



Home for me has never been,
A warm and cosy safe place,
More a kind of null space,
Showcasing an arms race,
I wish I’d never seen, 145 more words


Ladder in water

There is a deliciousness in their

lies which wraps around your tongue

and drips credulity in your eyes.

Where they dauntlessly tread you

foolishly follow through fire or… 50 more words


Rhyme Scheme #AtoZChallenge

Rhyme Scheme

What is it?
Any rhyming poem will follow some form of rhyme scheme, whether this is an alternating rhyme scheme or a form of repeated couplets. 267 more words


Mushrooms Might

Poem ideas come from anywhere. I was reading a TED talk article “9 ways mushrooms could drastically change the world” after seeing the poem prompt to write about rebellion or revolution and thought, Why not take a stab a mushrooms! 247 more words

Found Poems

Gerald the Goat

Gerald the Goat
wore a red overcoat
on top of his fur of white

Most every night
he would sail on his boat
and there he would quote… 34 more words