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A few changes...

…this morning’s rain-related offering. It occurred to me that It would be quite easy, quite nice, and quite wonderful to make the final couplet:

Older she, than land they rest; her crops…

307 more words

it’s a story

it’s a song

it’s that piece of the dream that i’m stringing along when it’s morning

it’s a thought that i started to make… 80 more words


Day 262: Fall & Poetry (10 Days of Falling Leaves Blog Challenge- Day 5)

Recently, I was talking with a close friend of mine and I said, I can turn any of my poems into a song; she thought I was being conceited and challenged me to turn a poem into a song. 288 more words


Another Day, Another Double Grapefruit

I believe we’re up to day 53 now. So, to make sure my posts keep up, here’s some more bonus grapefruit for you. Two posts in one day. 233 more words

The 100 Day Project

What they don't know is

I like to wander through the dark corners

of your mind and

I like to make you think about all of those

toxic kinds of people you try to leave behind. 64 more words

Sunday Sonnet, #10, 2015

It only took a sweater.  Final piece,

last remnant of him, found in a box on

the top shelf of the wardrobe, dark blue on… 100 more words


cosmic endearment

Do you remember when we sang the world to sleep?

When every dream was sweet and my soul was yours to keep?

The way your love dripped from your tongue like honey, 71 more words