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The bitter taste on my tongue makes my muscles shudder

The bitter taste on my tongue makes my muscles shudder, but I take another sip.
Drink up, drink up, let the dark liquid touch your lips. 30 more words

Valentine's Day Poem

It’s this time of year again. To help commemorate it I made this poem. The theme is about being alone on Valentine’s Day. My only stipulation with writing this poem was that it had to be twenty lines. 176 more words


Tuesday, Feb 10

Today we added the term Imagery to our notes. We read a poem titled ‘Escape’ and identified all the figurative language used in the poem. We focused on identifying shifts in poetry as a good way to help the reader figure out the meaning. 57 more words

Eleventy thousand things, cobwebs, poetic advice, & rhyme.

I have eleventy thousand things to do, that’s just a rough estimate, mind you, (eleventy is a thing, my thing) — by my estimation I have time enough to complete approximately three of these things, and this is assuming I remove myself from the computer reasonably soon. 1,514 more words



We’re all trying to fly with clipped wings,
Never quite knowing what life will bring,
But trying to find the right tune to sing.


what love entails.

she says she doesn’t deserve love,
that her heart is too damaged,
that you ruined it through perversion,
in your sick, twisted version.

he says he can no longer love, 17 more words

petty harassment.

The bell rang for the end of the day,
She was retrieving her books from her locker,
When you and your friends cornered her,
Pressed her against the cold metal, 50 more words