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The Weary Traveler

The weary traveler makes his kill

A bag of sand for one lone bill

A bag of sand for every desert

A bag of sand for payless hurt… 56 more words


Playing a game of memory with goldfish

I shine a torch into your eyes

and anxious, watch the dancing spots

That mimic light, like fireflies

so cutely imitate the stars

The glow of blue like broken cries… 159 more words


A Short Analysis of Tennyson’s ‘Mariana’

On Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s early triumph

‘Mariana’ was Tennyson’s first great poem. Published in his 1830 volume Poems, Chiefly Lyrical when Tennyson was still an undergraduate student at Cambridge, it has become one of his best-loved poems and a timeless poem about unrequited love and the abandoned lover. 1,304 more words


Wayward Helpless

Mirrors pain on bleakest wall

Mirror on the canvas, paint

Oil obscures the hopeful pall

Pallor, valor soon goes faint

Fast succumbs to toxic-love

Paints the pain in oozing ink… 33 more words


Stopping by Clothes with a White Fur Gifting

Which cat did this, oh my who knows
This leaving fur upon my clothes
She did it while I was away
On my black dress she took repose… 178 more words

To Tame the Ocean I

‘Twas no lady that they hired

To guard this livid roiling beast

It was no hero born inspired

Not for this job, at very least… 104 more words



Waited so long for daylight to end

For the sky to slurp up its special ink blend

For the sun to roll up for the darkness to mend… 9 more words