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addition to a sequence, comes at rather a late hour, in more ways than one.  I have been preoccupied with a trip I am planning to take at the beginning of April, 2013–the first of such travel in quite a long while for me.  142 more words



Can’t call a soul to my defense
The blame is mine, this wound immense
Don’t fall! Don’t fall! – sworn to uphold
The secrets of new spring leaves hold…
158 more words


A Goodbye

A Goodbye*

I say, “Goodbye,” my Logyn Bess is leaving.
Her life’s design has challenged her to roam
with Matt and Gonz to place of sun and peaches. 152 more words

Lue Crew and the Girl in the Shoe

What would you do, if a baby came to you, in a shoe?
Would you say: “Toot-a-loo”?
Would you say: “Boo hoo”?
Or would you do what was true and say: “how do you do?” 189 more words

The bitter taste on my tongue makes my muscles shudder

The bitter taste on my tongue makes my muscles shudder, but I take another sip.
Drink up, drink up, let the dark liquid touch your lips. 30 more words

Valentine's Day Poem

It’s this time of year again. To help commemorate it I made this poem. The theme is about being alone on Valentine’s Day. My only stipulation with writing this poem was that it had to be twenty lines. 176 more words