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We Forget

Come closer now, into the light
I may whisper a secret for you to write
As the moon closes in
I shall reveal the greatest sin… 226 more words

Poem a Day in May Prompt 16: Sonnet

Welcome to Day 16 of my personal month-late NaPoWriMo challenge. You can check out my previous post here, or click here for Day 1. 481 more words



I can make a pie
you can only eat them
I can roast a chicken you
can only be one
I can adventure
you will never be one


more pies some rhymes

I don’t know much about saying goodbye
but I know enough to see through your eyes
I’m not a weak little bird you can keep… 76 more words


Dr. Faft

I drink like my father
if you give me one beer
I’m down and I’m out
but give me a whiskey
I’ll talk off your ear… 162 more words


mirror mirror

of silver and glass

-who’s the biggest asshole
in our class

-why’s Donald Trump such a shithead;
so crass!

-which way is north, where’s my compass, 7 more words


Tick tock pish posh

I have been done here
my work is finished
your head is muddled
while mine is clear