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Helter Skelter:

Love. That beer-battered heart in a cage we vilify.

Lefty crushes helter-skelter, bouncing through the willows,

Through pillow talk and talking us down,

I’ve traded my treats for the hilltop bungalow, 123 more words

Internal Poetry

Ode to Spring

by R. Saint Claire

Wings span across the sky in flight
Green, snaking slivers stretch and lift.
From murky mounds to peaks of light…

51 more words

Parts of a Poem Anchor Poster

I love this poem because it is humorous, relatable for the kids, and the language doesn’t get in the way of understanding the parts of a poem. 82 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: What am I?

The Master born before the purple pen,

The ink my blood and flowing through my veins.

My mind is Heaven, heart is passion-coursed.

My soul has merged with ancient writings forced… 74 more words


Under the Bridge 

It feels like hell under here.

The echoing concrete overpowers every word.

You wonder how the herds become fiery when they can’t even be heard. … 157 more words


The Chairmaker's Soul - a poem extract

Long gone are the days when poets would write in a formal style.

Spenserian, Petrarchan, Alexandrian- wait, I don’t know if the last one is real! 282 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: The Free Men Sing

The chains are unlinked,
The key going “clink”
As the chains release
Like a speedy wink.

The men stand as one,
Their days in dark done. 27 more words