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Dropping fast

Screwing in your mom’s car,

I know I won’t be your last but

Baby, I’m falling pretty fast

So just fuck me real hard.

Beyond pure, 27 more words

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welcome to the circus

where clowns dress in smiles
with ornate, caked-up faces-
we promise, though, no carcass!

welcome to the circus
with trained animals… 66 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: Dear Queen

My lovely Queen, so royal, I do hold

A deep, provoking love for you. It climbs

And flies above the simple men of time

To rest eternal in my heart untold. 96 more words


"Where Lizzie Lived/A Haunted Tale" by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

The chimney’s tumbled down, old doors

pout from hinges, rotting floors

grumble slightly as we’re walking.

               Do you hear Miss Lizzie talking?

Steps have crumbled, that’s not all, 71 more words

Favorite Poems

"The Nose" by J. Patrick Lewis

The bat clings to the ceiling above,

Wrapped in wings like a hand in a glove,

Too afraid to expose

To his neighbors a nose… 10 more words

Favorite Poems

A Pair of Poems by J. Patrick Lewis

“A Tomcat Is”

Night watchman of corners

Caretaker of naps

Leg-wrestler of pillows

Depresser of laps.

A master of whining

And dining on mouse

Afraid of the shadows… 128 more words

Favorite Poems