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Day 40-Dysfunctionality

Family means everything
They’re the ones there
From the get-go.
They’re the ones
Who watched you grow.
They’re the ones who
Cheered for you
They’re the ones who… 28 more words

Day 25 (Guest)- Ghetto Kid

Sin is sin, I know it’s true cuz God said so,
But on this corner I have to do what I gottah do. 129 more words

Day 23- Promises

Make promises you can keep
You know which one is a lie
Have honesty be on your lips
Or suffer and watch them die.

With the truth comes pain. 34 more words

Day 21- Addict with a [virtual] Pen

Imagine your mind stretched,
Pushed apart by thoughts wedged
In between your right choices.
Unable to drown out the voices.

Imagine compulsion strong
Pushing you where you don’t belong… 70 more words

Day 20- Unkempt and Unkept

I have to be losing it.
You said you loved me?
You must be joking.
You should charge a fee.

I have to be losing it. 100 more words

Day 19- I'm Taking 22 Hours

I really need a calendar.
I’m trying to be a challenger.
I signed up for such stress;
My mind is a mess:
It’ll end up smashed by Gallagher.

Day 18 (Guest)- Fellowship


He doesn’t expect a single smile,
Except when in the sanctuary.
It’s been like this for a while,

3,600 seconds of fellowship, 92 more words