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Seasons (Revised)

I was rut-stuck, frozen
Through this fucking winter
Like a corpse in Leningrad
To be thawed in the Spring
After a bullet bit of ice… 82 more words


It falls like Dawn I [POEM]

It hit again. Like a rock tumbling to me from a cliff edge.
Not so far away to be invisible to me, but far enough that… 78 more words


Three For A Miracle

1. To arrive in a distant country one day.

2. To be interviewed the next day in same country.

3. To not have spent the night in that country. 29 more words


Three Reasons For The New EPA Science Rules

1. To be assessed.
2. To be evaluated.
3. To be analyzed.
“Transparency” plans laid-
To ensure that best profits can be made.


Flying or Falling

how did I get here?
which way is upwards?

you can tell from the rush of air

if you feel it on your face and see the ground… 85 more words


'For the Bookworms'

Fly far on pages

Embrace the story with glee
Come back down to earth

Sweet escape from life
Refuge from trouble and strife… 39 more words

Flat white to go

Flat white to go
by the Thames in the sun
best way by far
that a day is begun
Watching the river
flow silently by… 47 more words